Do You Want to Have an Interior Rolling Barn Door?

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Have you always wanted to have an interior rolling barn door?

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by daily life. Besides, with the holiday season on the horizon, you might feel even more stressed out. Channeling that extra energy into a home improvement project, though, can give you something to do. Have you always wanted to have an interior rolling barn door? Here’s how you can set one up!

Some of the Necessary Tools 

No job is possible without the right tools. A rolling barn door hardware kit will help you get the job done. Meanwhile, collect other tools and equipment such as tape measures, pencils, and hand drills. You’ll also need vix bits, a ¼-20 tap, and a wood router. However, we’d like to point out that you’d only require the wood router if you want a recessed pull for your new door.  

Place the Roller Straps 

Step one involves placing the roller straps. Mark them off with a pencil once you have figured out where you want the straps to be. That way, you can avoid accidentally misplacing the door. Such a mishap sounds simple, but it’s extremely difficult to undo it. Measure about three-quarters of an inch from the roller wheel’s outside diameter. From there, make another mark. Measure your mark to judge its distance from the bottom fastener hole. Tapes measures typically have a ruler, but you might want to have a conventional ruler, too; in any case, align the strap with the door. The vix bit drill will help. 

Add the Handle for the Barn Door

Once all of that is done, it’s time to add the handle for the barn door. At this point, you must decide if you want a standard handle or a recessed one. Both have different installation instructions. For the standard handle, all you need to do is align, drill, and fasten. But the recessed pull handles are more complicated. Mark the spot for a flush mount pull. Then allow some space for the door overlap. Use the provided nails to secure the pull. 

Decide Where the Rail Goes 

The rail is one of the most important parts of building a properly-functioning interior barn door. Without this fixture, the door cannot roll. Measure where the brackets will go; mark the frame or the wall once you’ve determined the location. 

Install End Cap, Rail, and Door

Drill the end cap into place using a hand drill. The ¼-20 tap helps you attach the caps to both ends of the railing. Slide the rail into place, align it, and then fasten the brackets. Finally, you can install the door!

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