4 Common Types of Residential Doors

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Right now, we’re going to look at some of the most common residential doors for your home!

Let us ask you something: how often do you think about the doors associated with your house? They’re such necessary elements of structural design that we honestly take them for granted. Besides, they make logical sense: buildings with no doors or windows can’t be entered. And if a fire breaks out, there’s no way to escape. That’s definitely bad news for any homeowner! Right now, we’re going to look at some of the most common residential doors for your home! 

Exterior Front Doors 

Every home has an exterior front door. Of course, they all look a little different (mainly due to the home’s aesthetics), but even so, they serve the same purpose. The exterior front door is a solid-core model; it would be too easy to break in through if it was hollow-core. These doors can be equipped with doorknobs and deadbolts. Wood is the classic choice for front door materials. Innovations such as insulated steel and fiberglass are gaining in popularity, though! 

Interior Doors 

Interior doors also serve an important role in home design. For one thing, they separate the rooms from one another and are integral parts of floor plans. Interior residential doors are much lighter and less resilient than their counterparts situated outside the house. Hollow-core doors are inexpensive models that are quicker and easier to install. That way, your home can have multiple doors, and you get more for your money. The problem is that they lack reinforced frames, and they do not make for good soundproofing. They can’t slow down sounds Medium-density fiberboard doors are considered solid-core, so they don’t have these flaws. Unfortunately, they are far more expensive, which will probably make your wallet cringe. 

Dutch Doors 

Dutch-style residential doors are somewhat unique. They’re split horizontally, so the top and bottom halves move individually from each other. These doors are fabulous aesthetic choices while still being sensible. By closing the bottom half of the door, you can keep your kids and pets from slipping outside. And with the top half open, you can enjoy the crisp autumn air as it rolls inside with each breeze. 

French Doors 

Everybody knows what a French door is. This design features two large glass panes set into a double door configuration. French-style residential doors are placed in very specific areas to serve as exterior doors. They bring in more natural light for the rooms that might not otherwise have doors and windows embedded in them. One notable drawback is that heating and cooling rooms with these doors are more difficult. This issue is caused by how much glass the doors need.  

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