Bathroom Fan Lights: Focus on Better Lighting

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Despite where they’re located, bathroom fans are often overlooked.

Light up the room! Illuminating many interior spaces within your home reduces eye strain. For another, it also serves to highlight elements you want to showcase. Despite where they’re located, bathroom fans are often overlooked. That sounds unlikely, even absurd, but it does happen. Modern fans are much quieter, and the lights they can be upgraded with are much brighter. How have you been using the available ceiling space in your bathroom? It’s high time to optimize that surface! 

What Are Bathroom Fan Lights Supposed to Be? 

Your first and biggest question is, more than likely, the one posed above. In simplest terms, bathroom fans are the features attached to walls or ceilings with a fan hidden inside. The concealed can system pushes out air that is then vented out through your home’s exterior. Their main purpose is to remove steam and minimize residual moisture after you’re done taking a shower or a bath. Fans with lights look like ordinary lights, but the fan is embedded within the light. Sorry, no lazily spinning ceiling fans in here! 

Why You Should Choose Them 

Now then, let’s go over some of the compelling reasons to include these upgrades in your new-look bathroom. When you remove steam, you also diminish the chances of mold and mildew building up in the room. Black mold is highly toxic, and it can be deadly for anyone with a severe mold allergy. Also, you get double the functionality and practicality of having the two-in-one design of fan lights because then it’s easier to see. There isn’t as much need for a window. 

Some More Considerations to Remember

Suppose we’ve convinced you to acquire this renovation element. What else do you need to know? For instance, think about optimal placement: over the shower/tub is the best. Why? Because then it can remove as much steam as possible unimpeded. That said, where you put the fan light depends on where you think it is needed the most. 

Accessing your attic crawlspace to inspect the trusses sounds tedious and uncomfortable. Therefore, we’d understand if you’re hesitant to do this. With that in mind, don’t feel obligated to stick to one zone above all others. How can you make the installation process easier? 

Proper ventilation is another concern that cannot go unaddressed. The only way to see where the fan leads is to look inside the ceiling itself. Since this is easier said than done, it’s a good idea to speak to an experienced HVAC contractor about this logistical hurdle. 

WalterWorks Hardware Asks: How Can We Help You?

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