5 Questions to Ask When Selecting Cabinet Hardware


Before selecting cabinet hardware, consider the size, placement, and style you want.

When selecting the details of your home design, you are presented with an overwhelming number of options. This is especially true when considering your cabinet hardware. Your choice will often come down to personal preference and style, with countless colors and finishes to select once you have found your ideal knob or pull. Fortunately, there are several questions you can ask when selecting cabinet hardware. At WalterWorks Hardware, we can help you find and install the best hardware for your home that will satisfy you for years. 

Do You Want Hardware On Your Cabinets? 

It wasn’t too long ago when the trend of no hardware cabinets was sweeping home design. When using these cabinets, people simply flip open the cabinet doors by the corner. However, having naturally grimy hands touch the cabinets several times a day on the same part of your cabinet can wear down the finish and create smudges that are hard to clean. 

Knowing this, it’s best to install cabinet hardware. Stylish cabinet hardware can preserve the beauty of your cabinet doors and add some extra flair and function to your kitchen or bathroom. 

Knobs or Pulls?

Now it is time to decide whether to install knobs, pulls, or both in your kitchen or bathroom design. Each of these has unique advantages, but you want to ultimately choose what feels best in your hand. Many people find that they prefer using knobs for doors and pulls for drawers. Pulls are also great for pull-out doors. Pulls are seen as a bit more contemporary, while knobs have a more traditional feel. There is no wrong choice; whatever you prefer will be best. 

How Will the Cabinet Hardware Be Mounted? 

When selecting cabinet hardware, you will also have to consider how they will ultimately be mounted on the cabinets. Will the pulls be horizontal or vertical? What will the spacing be? You may also want to consider other elements like pulls catching on pockets or pants at hip level. You may want to favor thicker, heavier cabinet hardware to avoid this problem. 

What Costs Do You Prefer? 

Cost is an important factor in any design decision. You will want to consider whether you plan to use your new hardware for years or if you wish to replace it in the future if you want a refresh. If you want to stick to one design, investing in more expensive hardware may be best to ensure longevity. If you buy the less expensive products, you can switch the knobs out guilt-free whenever you want to redesign your space. 

What Are The Colors, Sizes, and Overall “Look?”

When selecting cabinet hardware, consider how your choices will match your overall design. What cabinet hardware can you pair with white cabinets? Which hardware should you choose if you have chrome appliances or a brushed nickel faucet? 

Fortunately, modern design often means that you no longer need to adhere to strict matching rules. You can have cabinets of different colors and different knobs that go with them. It’s not just about matching but about creating a room with a look and environment you enjoy. Your hardware can be a big part of creating that ideal space.

Choose Your Home Hardware From WalterWorks

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