Everything You Need to Know About Double Gate Hardware

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Double gate hardware includes strap hinges, as seen on this wide double gate.

Adding a gate to your property can add impressive style and safety. Double gates are very appealing because you can open one gate or both to fit your needs. However, as with all gates and doors, selecting the right hardware is essential. The best hinges, latches, locks, and stops work together to keep your gate functioning well and looking beautiful. Before selecting your best double gate hardware at WalterWorks Hardware, read on to understand which pieces are essential and how you can find your best options. 

Your Double Gate Hardware Checklist

There are several pieces of hardware every double gate should have:

  • A gate latch
  • A gate stop
  • Six hinges if you use butt hinges, or four hinges if you use strap hinges. 
  • A cane bolt/drop bolt
  • An optional dummy handle. This handle is for aesthetic purposes and to help you pull the gate closed. 

Gate Latches for Double Gates

Almost any gate latch can work for your double gates. The latch will be installed on the “active” gate, and the strike plate/catch will be installed on the fixed gate. Consider these factors when selecting your latches: 

  • Choose a latch that works well for your geographic area. For example, coastal areas and oceanfront properties should only be stainless steel or bronze so the saltwater doesn’t corrode the material. 
  • Choose a latch made from material that will withstand use. If you’re constantly opening and closing a gate, choose strong and durable material. You must also install a gate stop. 
  • Choose a latch with a finish that complements your style. Consider your other outdoor hardware and home design. Will your hardware match or clash? 

The Importance of Gate Stops 

An important part of your double gate hardware is the gate stop. This protects that latch’s arm by installing a gate stop, which provides a solid place for the active gate to stop without slamming onto the latch arm. Stops can be metal to coordinate with your hardware or built of wood onto the edge of the fixed gate. 

Hinges for Double Gates 

The most commonly used gate hinge is a ball-bearing butt hinge. Butt hinges are popular because they are relatively hidden once installed, which keeps the focus on your beautiful gate design. Adjustable spring hinges are often used to close the gate automatically. 

Consider strap hinges if you want to add more flair to your gate’s appearance or have an especially wide or heavy gate. These are more noticeable, as the hinge is visible on the gate, but can look quite stylish when you select the suitable material.

Cane Bolts for Double Gates

Cane bolts are essential double gate hardware. They are the mechanism that lets the “fixed” gate stay unmoving. The bolt sits in a keeper/strike for finished or paved installations or directly in the ground for yard/gravel installations. When you need to open the fixed gate, you can lift the bolt’s handle, and the gate can swing open. 

Locks for Double Gates

Your chosen locking mechanisms can be simple or complex. Simple solutions include single-sided locks like a slide bolt. A more complex choice involves installing a deadbolt on the active gate. 

Choose Your Home Hardware From WalterWorks

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