5 Advantages of Touchless Bathroom and Kitchen Faucets

walterworks touchless bathroom and kitchen faucets

Touchless bathroom and kitchen faucets provide undeniable convenience and savings.

There are many options homeowners can explore when selecting their bathroom and kitchen faucets. One of the most modern and advanced faucet designs is the touchless faucet. These faucets have a built-in sensor that triggers the water to start flowing when you place an item or your hands under the spout. This touchless technology is becoming increasingly popular because of its efficiency and convenience. If you are searching for a new faucet, consider the following advantages touchless faucets can provide your home. 

Reduce Your Water Usage

Touchless faucets can reduce your water bill expenses by reducing your water usage. This is because these faucets only operate when you need them to. With the water on, your plumbing can pump out about two gallons of water every minute. This means that the standard faucets can flush gallons of water down the drain while we wash our hands, clean the dishes, or brush our teeth and decide to leave the tap running for our convenience. 

Keep Germs at Bay

When considering touchless bathroom and kitchen faucets, consider how helpful it can be to avoid surface germs. Because you can’t wash your hands before turning on the sink, your traditional faucet may harbor harmful bacteria. Automatic faucets eliminate that problem and help you and your family avoid touching the same germ-covered surfaces. 

Simple to Use

The most appealing feature of a touchless faucet is its ease. All you need to do is place your hands in front of the sensor to get the water flowing. This means that your household members, young and old, can easily adapt to this new faucet. 

Easy to Clean

A touchless sink fixture has the advantage of not getting as dirty as standard faucets. Germs and debris don’t collect on the handles, and soapy or food-covered hands don’t cause a mess either. This makes clean-up much easier and more effective. 

Improved Convenience In The Kitchen 

Touchless kitchen faucets can significantly help you streamline your cooking process. Preparing food in the kitchen is much easier with a touchless faucet. You don’t have to turn it off and on when cutting, chopping, or slicing or when you’re ready to rinse off fruit and veggies. When working with raw meat, you don’t have to touch the sink handles with your messy hands. 

Additionally, folks with arthritis or other accessibility issues may find it easier to use a touchless faucet rather than operate sink handles. 

Touchless Faucets Are Safer

Taking care of your family and guests is a crucial part of being a homeowner. Hands-free sinks that use fixed temperature settings help prevent shocks from extra cold or hot water. Touchless faucets also help reduce instances of sinks running over. There’s no chance of a child forgetting to turn off the sink or letting it overflow and create a mess when the sink turns off without a sensor stimulus. 

Touchless faucets are an excellent choice if you are ready to enjoy extra convenience and efficiency. 

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