The Best Placements for Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

The Best Placements for Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

When attaching the same hardware back to your cabinets, you can change the overlook by changing the placement of the knobs and pulls. Read on for some tips!

If you’ve undertaken a renovation or remodeling project that required you to remove and replace the knobs, handles, and pulls on your drawers and cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom, you’re in luck! While on the surface it might seem like a boring and thankless task, it is actually an amazing opportunity to improve the look and function of your home. Even if you’re simply putting the same hardware back on (although new hardware is also a great way to refresh the look of a space), changing its placement can have a huge impact. Read on for tips to find the best placements for cabinet knobs and pulls. 

Traditional Placement

There are traditional areas to mount the hardware for shakers and similar styles of cabinets. Usually, on doors, the handles or knobs are mounted in the corner on the opposite side from the hinges (the bottom corner for upper cabinets and the upper corner for lower cabinets), with the hardware centered within the frame piece. Drawer pulls are typically centered in the front face of the drawer, though on very large drawers they may be centered horizontally but closer to the top than the bottom. 

Hardware Updates Based On Practicality

Very large drawers often require more than one handle. If a drawer is over 2 feet long or it is going to have very heavy contents, it might be too hard to open with just one handle. In those cases, the most visually pleasing solution is to install 2 handles, one centered on the right-hand third of the drawer and the other centered in the left-hand third of the drawer. There is no practical reason to have more than 2 pulls (you only have 2 hands), though occasionally people might choose to for aesthetic reasons. 

The Issue Of Reach

When it comes time to install your hardware, keep in mind the reaching and bending are going to get harder as you age. If you choose to center all of your drawers pulls, for instance, deep bottom drawers may require a significantly deeper bend (or squat) to get to them than if the pull was mounted on the top frame of the drawer. One additional consideration is that cabinet systems with stacked drawers might have a variable design element on the larger drawers that influence where the pulls can go. Generally, it is better to be consistent and uniform in how you’re placing the pulls, so if they have to be on the top frame on the bottom drawer, they should go on the top frame on all of the drawers.

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