3 Benefits of Pocket Doors

3 Benefits of Pocket Doors

If you never knew that pocket doors existed before, consider them as an option. Here are some of their benefits.

The holidays represent a time of change as well as a time of reflection on the past year. If you were unhappy with the design of the interior doors inside your house, then it’s time to do something about it. If you never knew that pocket doors existed before, consider them as an option. Here are some of their benefits.

Add More Space

First of all, installing pocket doors can add more space to your home. You might not think that ten square feet make a huge difference, but it can. These doors can replace conventional doors that need room to swing open and closed, giving you even more floor space. Plus, when the doors don’t need to be used, you can roll them out of sight, hiding them so well that guests won’t even know that these doors are there. By choosing the best frames and door hardware, you also ensure that the pocket will last as long as your house does – at least for the next several decades while your children eventually move out of the home.

Increase Your Privacy

You can also use pocket doors to increase the amount of privacy in your home. Whether you need some time to wrap holiday presents or you would like to have a quiet dinner party separate from everyone else in the house, then you can use pocket doors to help you achieve those goals. You don’t necessarily need to add pocket doors to the dining room, but it is the most common place to install them. Since these doors are easy to operate, you can open and close them as the need arises, even if the door leads to a powder room where your guests can change and freshen up during your next holiday get-together.

Maximize Existing Space

How much square footage does your current home contain? When it comes to deciding whether or not pocket doors are the right fit for you, that is an important question to answer. Experiment with these doors at the entry points for laundry rooms and mudrooms; in some homes, these two rooms may overlap and serve the same function at the same time. In an older home, the pocket doors can be removed entirely once their purpose has been fulfilled. So, the question remains, do you want one?

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