What You’ve Got to Know About Lighting Up Your Kitchen

What You’ve Got to Know About Lighting Up Your Kitchen

Upgrading your kitchen involves more than just replacing the appliances and countertops.

Upgrading your kitchen involves more than just replacing the appliances and countertops. There are many other pieces to the puzzle – what type of flooring you want if you should have a pass-through connecting the kitchen and the living room, and even if you want a staircase that leads down to the basement. It all has to make sense within the context of your home. None of that is easy to do if you don’t have the proper lighting in the kitchen, though!

The Different Categories 

When it comes to kitchen lighting, there are three main categories that most homeowners will recognize just from going to the hardware store. You might know them, too: ambient, task, and accent lighting. The ambient lights are usually mounted on the ceiling and controlled by a switch on a nearby wall. You’ll see many different types of ambient lighting. Some examples include track lighting, recessed lighting, and even chandeliers. Ultimately, choosing the best lighting depends on the room’s size, dimensions, current light levels, and the look and feel that you want to cultivate.

More Information About Task Lighting

Let’s learn more about task lighting. Lights above the sink or the stove count as examples of task lighting. When you have better task lighting, you can keep the ambient lights off or dim them and save some electricity. You will still be able to see whether you are chopping vegetables, washing the dishes, or using the oven. To improve your task lighting, experiment with pendant lights, wall lights, and lights mounted under your cabinets. You can also have toe-kick-activation lights that enable you to see your way around the kitchen when you wander in for a late-night snack!

More Information About Accent Lighting

Finally, let’s turn our attention to accent lighting. Accent lighting can help you put something special on display, such as an antique tea set. You can also showcase part of a collection that has taken you years or even decades to curate. Picture lights can also help illuminate interesting artwork or silly pictures of cherished memories from the past. It all comes down to how you want to decorate your kitchen without the process of a full-on remodel or renovation.

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