Bathroom Myths: Learning More About Bidets

Bathroom Myths: Learning More About Bidets

When you walk into your bathroom, how often do you think about your toilet?

When you walk into your bathroom, how often do you think about your toilet? Unless it is broken or you are planning some extensive renovations, it’s easy to take it for granted. You might have seen bidets mounted on toilets in public places like restaurants or seen them in other countries whenever you travel. However, bidets are much less common here than they might be in Europe or Asia. So here is a look at some of the most common myths associated with them. 

Bidets Make a Mess 

One common myth surrounding bidets is that they make a mess. Cleaning the bathroom is already a tedious task, so why would any homeowner want to add another chore into their routine? Modern bidet designs allow users to set the position of the bidet and the water pressure it uses to help prevent accidental spraying or flooding. Warm air functions also help moderate the temperature of the water, and because the seats are directly mounted onto the toilet, it keeps the mess inside the bowl. 

Bidets Aren’t Sanitary 

For many homeowners, helping the environment is a goal they all want to achieve. Due to this endeavor, they are also likely trying to cut down on how much paper waste they produce. That’s why they might believe that the bidet could be the answer they’re looking for; however, one enduring myth is that bidets aren’t sanitary. Using a bidet helps lend that clean and refreshed feeling without irritation caused by the toilet paper or hygiene wipes. 

Toilet Paper is More Affordable

Although toilet paper is the most conventional method for cleaning up after using the restroom, you can save a whopping amount of money by reducing your reliance on it. It doesn’t matter whether it is through lowering your grocery bills or decreasing the costs associated with hiring a plumber to fix any problems with pipes or septic tanks. Here is something else to consider: bathroom tissue, and many other single-use paper products such as paper towels, are terrible for the environment.      

There’s No Room Available 

Many homeowners looking to take their bathroom to the next level get caught up worrying about space constraints. That’s one issue that renovation or remodeling projects can address. Even if it doesn’t look like there is room, you can make it. That’s because the attachments can latch onto your current setup or present slight modifications that aren’t too difficult or time-consuming to complete. 

Bidets Are Budget-Busters 

Any home improvement project is going to call for a significant investment. That’s why it’s another misconception that bidets can break your budget. Many options exist that allow you to get what you want without spending too much. 

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