How to Effortlessly Expand Your Guest Bathroom

How to Effortlessly Expand Your Guest Bathroom

Your guest bathroom doesn’t always have to be left in the dark.

Your guest bathroom doesn’t always have to be left in the dark. While most of your remodeling or renovation efforts will focus on other rooms in your home, you shouldn’t overlook how much appeal the guest bathroom can bring out. That’s why it needs to feel bigger than it is!

Let There Be Light

For starters, reconsider the amount of light in the guest bathroom. If you have adjustable light switches in your master bathroom to get the lighting just right, then you can do the same for your guest bathroom, too. Paler, softer light helps relax the mind and also opens up the room via a sensory illusion. This is why you should incorporate brighter elements, soothing colors such as cream, white, grey, and pastel. Even so, you can still use stronger colors. Just emphasize them or make them the colors of fixtures and other smaller touch.

Put in a New Vanity 

The vanity and sink of the bathroom can help pull the entire space together. Change it out if it doesn’t mesh with what you want to do with the new room. Pedestal sinks and floating vanities can help open up much-needed floor space, especially in a bathroom that already feels too cramped. 

Add a New Mirror 

The mirror can also help reflect your vision of your new bathroom. While that sounds corny, it is still valid. Just because you can’t have a medicine cabinet doesn’t mean you have to abandon all hopes of having a mirror at all! Find a new mirror to hang over the sink that is much bigger than its predecessor. 

One Bathroom, One Tile

Think about the look of the tiles on the floor. It’s easy for tile and grout to wear out more quickly than other surfaces in the room. When you get a new floor done, only choose one tile. Get rid of the threshold leading into the shower. Turn it into a walk-in shower, which can help it become more accessible than ever before.  

Install More Shelving

Having more storage can go a long way towards reducing stress and frustration. Get started by installing more shelving into your redone bathroom. Wall shelving helps, as does inset shelving. Painting the shelves can give them some pop, too!

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