5 Fun Ideas for Splurging on Your Bathroom Before Summer Ends

5 Fun Ideas for Splurging on Your Bathroom Before Summer Ends

Time is running out. Upgrade your bathroom before the summer passes you by!

Time is running out. Upgrade your bathroom before the summer passes you by! That way, you can enjoy your time in the shower or the bath and feel as refreshed and revitalized when you get out as you should. Here are some more fun ideas to consider when you are in the mood to splurge on making your bathroom more luxurious. 

An Upgraded Toilet 

Got an old toilet lid that keeps falling off? Then it’s time to get rid of it. Don’t stop there, either. Switch up one of the critical pieces to any bathroom and get yourself an upgraded toilet. Modern toilets will help impress guests and entice potential buyers once you are looking to sell. Make that open house count! Not only will a new toilet be more stylish, but you can make sure that you and everyone else in your family will be much more comfortable. 

New Sinks and Vanities 

A double vanity might seem excessive, but learn to let go. A double vanity can make it easier to get ready to face the day in the morning. You’ve seen this configuration in upscale hotels, and now the time has come where you have a chance to bring that luxury home. This change also gives you the storage you’ve wished for, especially if the cabinet under the one sink you have now is always cluttered because no one takes the time to organize it and tidy it up. 

Making the Floor Better 

A heated floor could be yours. Imagine stepping onto cold tile every morning, even in the winter. Not exactly the best feeling, even if it can be soothing and delightful on a hot and muggy August day. Cleaning and upgrading the floors in your bathroom are two easy ways to make it better than it was. You’ll also have a chance to put in new grout to go with your tile and even experiment with other materials, such as sealed concrete that better withstands the effects of moisture and humidity. 

Upgrading the Shower 

Whether you depend on a shower stall or have a shower tub, you should find ways to make it fabulous. Raincan showerheads and hand showers can help you feel cleaner when you are done. A barrier-free shower can be easier to get in and out of, making the bathroom even more accessible.

Getting the Spa Experience 

Treat yourself, you deserve. With a redone bathroom, getting the spa experience is something you can now achieve at home. One way to do this is to play around with the lights, whether those are chandeliers or pendant lights; the choice is up to you! 

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