4 of the Best Bathroom Faucet Finishes

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Explore different bathroom faucet finishes including silver, gold, and matte black varieties.

Updating your bathroom faucets can be an excellent way to refresh the appearance of your bathroom and improve your sink’s functionality. You use your bathroom sink and faucet multiple times a day, so it’s best to choose a faucet design that not only works well but looks appealing and suits your personal design preferences. When selecting your faucet, there are several finishes you may consider. At WalterWorks Hardware, we can help you understand the differences between popular bathroom faucet finishes and determine which is best for your home. 

Silver-Toned Bathroom Faucet Finishes

Silver-toned bathroom faucets are often more popular than gold tones because they can easily match almost any decor. One of the most common bathroom faucet finishes is chrome. Additionally, many people use nickel to provide a bit more flair, and even stainless steel is increasing in popularity. Nickel is a darker shade than chrome, and stainless steel has more blue undertones. Understanding these minor differences can help you make your decision and find the bathroom faucet finishes that suit your existing bathroom design and color scheme. 

Gold-Hued Faucet Fixtures

Bronze, brass, and copper all originate from copper material. These gold-hued finishes are naturally antimicrobial, with copper surfaces having been known to kill up to 90 percent of live bacteria. Each material offers its own benefits and comes with unique colors and hues. For example, brass is most similar to gold and is considered a yellow metal. Copper, however, displays a redder hue. Gold-tinted bathroom finishes tend to be more costly than silver-toned finishes, but they can provide substantial style when used. 

Matte Black Faucet Finishes

Matte black finishes for bathroom fixtures are becoming increasingly popular alongside the rise of modern home design. These finishes are offered as a unique alternative to the traditional shiny metal finishes. Matte black is quite versatile and goes with just about any bathroom accessory. They are easy to clean and will not easily reveal grime, dirt, fingerprints, or water spots. These bathroom faucet finishes can come at a higher price point but can make a bold and original design statement when added to any bathroom design. 

PVD Bathroom Finishes

When searching for your bathroom faucet finishes, you may notice that some are labeled “PVD.” PVD means “physical vapor deposition,” which describes the application method utilized to secure the finish to the faucet. PVD faucets come at a higher price, but PVD finishes are highly resistant to corrosion and scratching over time.

No matter what bathroom faucet finishes you prefer, selecting the one you like best will ensure that your bathroom shows off your style and delights you for years to come. 

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