The Versatile Appeal of Matte Black Hardware

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Matte black hardware can provide bold style to any room in your house.

There are numerous hardware finishes you can use to enhance the style and beauty of your bathroom. One hardware style rising in popularity is matte black hardware. These fixtures are surprisingly versatile and suit many designs while providing a unique and memorable style of their own. If you are curious about matte black hardware’s advantages, we have outlined a few of the most appealing benefits. There are also a few considerations to keep in mind before purchasing your new hardware, as these stylish features require particular care to stay beautiful. 

Aesthetic Appeal 

Matte black bathroom fixtures are created with a deep black tint, with black colors typically applied to steel, brass, or iron substrates. Powder coating is often used to obtain matte surfaces. “Matte” refers to the surface texture midway between flat and glossy.

Because most people are used to viewing chrome or metallic bathroom finishes, matte black is exceptionally sleek and distinctive. Incorporating these fixtures can add significant style to a drab design. 

Easy Maintenance 

Matte black hardware is also relatively uncomplicated to care for. A matte fixture is more impervious to smears, marks, fingerprints, and scratches than chrome or metal finishes are. Plus, water stains are not as obvious on matte black as they are on shiny finishes. The matte finish adds sturdiness and protection against scratches and dings. Plus, although their coloring may make dust or debris more visible than on other fixtures, you can wipe the fixture with a microfiber cloth to restore its beauty.

Matches Numerous Color Palettes

Many modern bathrooms have a neutral color palette so that the design can age gracefully. These neutral colors complement matte black hardware and provide a stylish contrast. This means if you want to update your bathroom, you may be able to install matte black hardware without altering much or any of your existing design. These fixtures can be installed and immediately look like they belong.

Special Care Considerations for Matte Black Hardware

As with any hardware finish, you must consider matte black hardware’s unique properties as you clean and maintain it. A few things to keep in mind are: 

  • The color may fade if you don’t regularly clean or wipe down your fixtures with a cotton or microfiber towel.
  • Certain plumbing tools may scratch the fixture. 
  • Avoid using harsh cleaners on your matte black fixtures, and always use gentle soapy water and dry the tapware thoroughly.
  • Matte black hardware can highlight dust more than other fixtures.

These fixtures and hardware can be a bold addition to any bathroom design. If you love this particular finish, you can explore the available bathroom hardware and fixtures at WalterWorks Hardware. 

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