Creating an Unconventional Bathroom Design

Creating an Unconventional Bathroom Design

Are you thinking about remodeling your bathroom?

Are you thinking about remodeling your bathroom? If you are, then the standard designs you often come across might not be exciting or even visually appealing enough for you. Luckily, several options exist for creating an unconventional bathroom design. Here are a few of those ideas to inspire you in time for your remodeling project.

Making It Fun

First of all, try making your new bathroom look fun. It doesn’t always have to be dull and drab. After all, whether you live in your current home for one year or ten, much of that time will be spent in the bathroom. Why not have it stand out? A sense of humor can indicate your personality in unexpected ways. Are you obsessed with pandas? Then try splashing one across your standalone shower stall. Sometimes the smell of the bathroom can be unpleasant. But a houseplant could be another intriguing way to jazz up the bathroom and help it smell better, too. If you are fond of artwork, you could always decorate your bathroom that way also. This idea is something to consider if you’d like to include works created by your children, as well!

Combining Different Textures

If your current bathroom is flat and one dimensional, then that might be a sign you should give it some unusual textures. Putting different touches together could be achieved through something as simple as using different materials for each element of your bathroom. Consider bricks for your walls, metal for your fixtures, and tile for your flooring! Because there is so much moisture exposure in the bathroom, wood might not be as good of a choice, but there are still ways you can include it – you just have to think outside of the box and minimize the possibility of rotting.

Trying Various Patterns

Along with incorporating various textures in your bathroom, you can also try several different patterns. For instance, your floor tiles don’t have to all be grey hexagons. Likewise, you can experiment with the wallpaper since it isn’t one solid color all the way around. Even if you are hesitant to play around with the patterns and textures, you can start small and work your way up. You could always just start by using two different colors that complement one another.

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