3 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger


Make your bathroom look a lot bigger instantly.

If you are having trouble with having a small bathroom function for you, then you may want to take note of these helpful tips that will surely provide you with some useful tricks for making even the smallest bathrooms fully functional and even enjoyable places to be in.

Consider Cabinets With Legs

A vanity cabinet with legs is a very popular feature in any small functional bathroom. In fact, most homeowners who are stuck with a small bathroom opt for a cabinet with legs because the visual space provided by the legs is something that instantly makes the room feel exceptionally bigger without much effort on the part of the homeowner. As a result, the illusion of a larger space is often the goal for every homeowner.

Incorporate Clear Glass

When it comes to shower doors and other similar bathroom features, choosing clear glass is an easy way to make any space appear larger than it actually is. In fact, some homeowners opt to use opaque or other non-color textures for a little-added privacy. However, by using any opaque coloring can quite often make any space a lot smaller in appearance. As a result, having a clear shower door is a surefire way to open up the bathroom and create a much more luxurious and spacious feeling space.

Use Larger Tiles

A very easy trick that can instantly provide your bathroom with the appearance of some extra space is using larger tiles. In fact, smaller tiles usually require a lot more grout. As a result, bathrooms with a very busy look can always contribute to a smaller space. In addition, light that can glean off of tile can sometimes make your bathroom appear bigger in an instant.

Minimize Anything Extending From The Walls

In any small space, specifically a bathroom, anything coming out of the walls creates a smaller space. In fact, finding creative storage solutions is a wonderful way to reduce the clutter and open up the bathroom space.

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