3 Easy Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Vanity

3 Easy Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Vanity

A vanity is often the unsung hero of every great bathroom design.

A vanity is often the unsung hero of every great bathroom design. Often used for function rather than design, the placement, color, and textures of our bathroom vanity are sometimes forgotten in the clutter. Are you looking to revamp your bathroom in the near future? Keep these three easy considerations in mind when choosing your next bathroom vanity for the new year.

Mind Your Measurements

Unlimited space is the dream of most homeowners, but whether your bathroom is big or small, consider the amount of space that you’re realistically working with in your design. You will also need to consider countertop measurements for installment, should you choose to add them to a new vanity. Leave a little extra room to prevent cramming your furniture into a corner or tight space within your bathroom. The right vanity installed with accurate measurements will perfectly frame the room, making your bathroom the best spot in your home to start your day or unwind from the stress of the week.

Built-ins or Freestanding

One major consideration for buying a bathroom vanity is choosing between a built-in or freestanding one for your space. While a built-in vanity is an excellent storage solution, a freestanding vanity offers more flexibility for smaller spaces. Choose wisely when looking for your next vanity, as both come in various styles and customizable countertop options such as glass or various natural stones. These measurements are crucial to both the function and look of the vanity in your bathroom, as this choice will also affect your ability to incorporate plumbing and electricity into your design.

Customize and Accessorize

Regardless of what color or design you decide on for your next vanity, great fixtures, faucets, and accessories are what will tie your design together into one cohesive look. Consider purchasing hardware that coordinates with these fixtures, or playing up contrast to add depth to your design and variety to your space. By adding colorful door handles, drawer handles, and robe hooks to the area surrounding your vanity, you can incorporate various colors and shapes into your design as you decorate the space around it. If well decorated and carefully placed, your vanity will easily become the beautiful center of your bathroom design.

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