Mix Or Match: How To Choose The Perfect Bathroom Hardware


Mix and match your hardware so your bathroom has some character!

Many people may overlook the hardware that goes into their bathrooms. However, it is an extremely important facet of every room. In fact, just like jewelry adds sparkle to our outfits, hardware adds personality into a bathroom. As a result, you want to make sure that your bathroom hardware fits the personality of your bathroom. Otherwise, you may be left with a mix-matched room that serves no one.

Mixing Your Bathroom Hardware

Some designers believe in mixing it up when it comes to bathroom hardware. In fact, for an eclectic feel, you may want to try this creative solution. For instance, if you have a dark vanity you may want to consider opting for light colored hardware to create a contrast in the room. On the other hand, you can go completely wild and mix your metals. For example, choosing a chrome drawer pull and a gold plated light fixture can create a beautiful juxtaposition that will infuse some personality into your bathroom. Homeowners who desire a more exciting design can use their bathrooms to add pops of color that may not fit in other areas of their homes.

Go Matchy, Matchy For A Streamlined Look

If you want something a little more traditional, then you may benefit from matching all your hardware in the bathroom. In fact, using the same color throughout your bathroom can provide you with a wonderfully monochromatic look. For instance, you can never go wrong with chrome on chrome on chrome. There is much to be said about a room that evokes a sleek vibe that many homeowners are looking for.

It’s Always Up To You

In the end, you are the final decision-maker. In fact, depending on your overall aesthetic, you may choose to mix metals in your bathroom or opt for a more streamlined matchy-matchy look. Regardless of which design scenario you choose, you can never go wrong with WalterWorks Hardware!

Choose Your Bathroom Hardware From WalterWorks Hardware

No matter what type of bathroom hardware you choose, WalterWorks Hardware has the expertise and supplies you need. We are well known throughout the Maryland, Washington, D.C., and northern Virginia area for our fantastic hardware and incomparable knowledge. For more information, please give us a call at (410) 263-9711 or contact us online. For more tips on choosing hardware for your home, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Houzz, Google+, and Pinterest.

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