Let There Be Light in Your Bathroom This Spring

Let There Be Light in Your Bathroom This Spring

If your bathroom is too dark, then the time has come to change that.

If your bathroom is too dark, then the time has come to change that. Adding more light into your bathroom can actually help you feel more relaxed, especially if you take advantage of longer days and more sunshine that spring brings with it. Lighting up your bathroom this spring is easy – all you have to do is follow these tips.

Light Up the Room

One way to light your bathroom is to reassess the state of the lighting around the vanity. This means that you’ll need to put more sources of light around the mirror and cabinets, especially the medicine cabinet if it doubles as another mirror. Sconces come in handy here because putting any lights overhead will cast longer shadows that will make it difficult to see your face.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experiment with the light fixture on the ceiling, though. Putting a new light on the ceiling can light up the entire room. However, just because it serves a purpose, that doesn’t mean it needs to be dull and boring.

Dim the Lights

However, sometimes you want to take it easy in your bathroom with a nice bath after a tough day at work or getting chores done around the house. Set the right mood with a light dimmer. Depending on how big your bathroom is, you can use the light over the vanity as ambient light to make it easier to see and accent lighting to help make the room more inviting. But that isn’t always possible. Fortunately, your new lighting fixtures can be more versatile than that.

Illuminate the Shower

Illuminating the shower can make a difference, too. In this case, adding a light over the top of the shower makes it easier to see for everyone who gets in. It doesn’t matter how old the person taking a shower is, because they might have trouble seeing, especially if they usually need to wear glasses. While this technique works perfectly fine for a shorter tub, for longer tubs (that is, more than four feet long), you’ll need to add a second light, so that there is light over both ends.

Consider All the Angles

When you enhance the ambient lighting in the room, you’re also considering all the angles. This helps boost the amount of natural light that comes into your bathroom, and for those family members who prefer to bathe at night, they might need it.

Spotlight Decorations

Whether or not the coming of spring has made you dream of the beach, you can transform your bathroom with the right decorations and the right light. Spotlight all of those touches with some cove lighting. That way, you can really show off what you’ve done!

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