More Information About Water Filters

More Information About Water Filters

Knowledge is power, and the more you know about the water filters you want to choose, the better off you will be when you finally make a decision.

When you want to make your drinking water taste better, one way to do that is to use a water filter. However, you may be confused about where to start and which model to purchase. Knowledge is power, and the more you know about the water filters you want to choose, the better off you will be when you finally make a decision. Here is some more information about the water filters you can use in your kitchen.

Consider Your Water

Water quality reports can tell you how contaminated your water is. However, most of the time, your water is filtered and treated by municipal authorities before it ever reaches your home. One of the EPA’s requirements is that water suppliers inform their consumers about what is in their water. These reports are issued in July of every year. However, one complication could come about if you rent a home instead of own one. This means you would have to speak to your management company about getting a copy of that report instead. In any case, it’s possible that you will need to test your water, especially if you think something is wrong with the taste or smell.  

Think About What You Need

Our next piece of advice involves some more thought. For example, you will have to consider how much water your family likes to drink, and how much of your budget you can spend on getting the right water filters for your home’s kitchen. Look at the packaging on the filter you want to buy and check to see if it has been approved by the NSF. This organization is a nonprofit that helps to set standards for the entire industry.  

Different Types of Filters

Now the time has come to pick out the water filters that you want to use. There are carafes, which can help remove lead and chloroform from your water without ruining the cartridge or pouring too slowly. However, some will pour more slowly regardless, and it’s likely not enough to support a larger family.

Faucet-mounted water filters are another possibility. They are much easier to configure than their counterparts and can improve your drinking water and the water you use for cooking, especially if you attach them to pot fillers. However, they might not fit onto faucets that feature pull-out sprayers.

Other types of water filters include the models that sit on your countertop, ones that are installed underneath the sink itself, ones that work by reverse osmosis, and ones that are part of your refrigerator and dispense cold, clean water that can also provide you with different types of ice cubes for your cup.

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