The Advantages of a Pot Filler in Your Kitchen

pot filler

A gallon of water weighs eight and a half pounds. Stop the heavy lifting with a pot filler!

Commonly seen in commercial kitchens, more and more homeowners are catching on to the advantages of having a pot filler faucet in their own kitchens. These specialty faucets come in two different styles: a deck-mount and a wall-mount. Similar to a traditional faucet, the deck-mount pot filler is attached to a kitchen sink or countertop. If you want something a little closer to your stove top, consider a wall-mount pot filler for easier access. Pot fillers are handy to have and can help you when you are in the kitchen. Want to know more about these extremely handy kitchen fixtures? Read on to learn more!

Reduces Heavy Lifting

Have you ever tried to fill up a pot of water only to realize it was too heavy for you to lift it? Water weighs more than eight pounds per gallon. When filling up a large pot, you could be carrying 20 pounds or more from your sink to your stove, which could strain your arms, wrists, or back. But when you use a pot filler, you won’t have to lift a lot of weight in order to get the right amount of water for your recipe.

Saves Time When Cooking

Cooking requires you to be a multi-tasker and a pot filler is a perfect way for you to increase your productivity while in the kitchen. With a pot filler, you will free up the kitchen sink for cleaning vegetables or rinsing pasta. A kitchen pot filler will allow you to multi-task without breaking your rhythm. Let a pot filler help you multi-task and attempt those harder recipes with the flip of a knob.

Adds Style to Your Kitchen

The ideal kitchen has appliances and fixtures that not only function beautifully but look great as well. The right pot filler will add beauty and functionality to your kitchen. Like a regular faucet, pot fillers are practical as well as attractive. A pot filler can give your kitchen a look that says you are a serious cook and ready to take on any recipe.

Pot fillers add a unique touch to your kitchen while giving you the ability to multitask and enjoy cooking. Let WalterWorks help you choose your new kitchen fixtures. For more information on adding a pot filler to your kitchen, visit our Annapolis showroom today!

The Advantages of a Pot Filler in Your Kitchen

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