Types of Bathroom Faucets

bathroom faucet

A bathroom faucet can complete the look and feel of any bathroom.

When you are renovating your bathroom, there are plenty of decisions that you will have to make. From the bathroom cabinet style to the flooring, your entire bathroom should flow together in one seamless design. But did you know there are a few different decisions you will have to make about your bathroom faucet? Most faucets are mounted onto the sink itself or just behind it on the countertop. When choosing your bathroom faucets, it is important for you to choose the correct size and design to fit not only your sink but the rest of your bathroom as well. Let’s take a look at your options and how they could affect your bottom line.

Faucet Categories

There are two different faucet categories you will have to choose from: pre-drilled or custom fit. The pre-drilled category of faucets fit into the pre-drilled holes found on your sinks or on your countertop. With this category, you will not be able to customize the position of the handles or the spout. If you are looking for a customized placement for your faucet, then a custom fitted faucet may be for you. These custom fitted faucets will need to have custom holes put into your cabinet or sink in order for them in be installed correctly. Now that you know the two different kinds of faucets, let’s take a look at the different styles.

Single-Handled Faucet

A single-handled faucet has one spout and one handle that easily controls the flow of both hot and cold water. This faucet is mounted to the sink deck or countertop with one pre-drilled hole and is easier on the joints than two-handled faucets.

Center-Set Faucet

With a spout and the handles in one unit, these faucets typically come with a double-handled control. They are designed to mount onto a sink deck or into a countertop with three pre-drilled holes. However, there are some center-set designs that require a single hole.

Spread-Fit Faucet

A spread-fit faucet comes with a spout that is separate from its handles. This faucet is the last of the fixtures that use a pre-drilled hole for installation. This faucet fits holds that are usually spaces four to ten inches apart and can be mounted to nonstandard configurations like positioning the spout on a corner and he handles off to the side, making it perfect for tight installations.

Wall-Mounted Faucet

Wall-mounted faucets attach to the wall instead of the sink or the counter. This faucet must be installed by a plumber to ensure it works with the sink, is at the correct height and placement, and is hooked up properly.

Bridge Faucet

The bridge faucet combines the old-fashioned style with modern technology. These faucets date back to a much simpler time when plumbing wasn’t as sophisticated. Undermount sinks offer the freedom to experiment with bridge faucets, which usually mount to the countertop with custom holes.

Each of these bathroom faucets offers your bathroom functionality while allowing you to customize the look of your bathroom. For more information on finding the perfect faucet and fixture for your bathroom, call WalterWorks Hardware today!

Choosing Bathroom Faucets with WalterWorks Hardware!

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