Why Should I Choose a Wall-Hung Toilet?

wall-hung toilets

A wall-hung toilet will increase your floor space while adding a modern look and feel to your bathroom.

Often praised for its clean, modern design, wall-hung toilets are slowly making their way into the bathrooms of homes around the country. These toilets are praised for their space-saving design and their modern look. But many people seem reluctant to let go of their traditional toilets in exchange for something a little different. So before you decide on your next toilet, let’s take a look at wall-hung toilets.

Clean Lines and Space-Saving Design

Unlike other toilets, a wall-hung toilet is the perfect solution for your new modern bathroom. With a hidden tank and mounting hardware, your modern toilet will make it appear sleek and seamless in your bathroom. If you are looking for something to go into your small guest bathroom, a wall-hung toilet may be the solution for you. These toilets can save you up to 12 inches of coveted floor space when compared to floor-mounted models.


Unlike the bulky floor-mounted design, wall-mounted toilets allow you to customize the placement of the toilet. The steel-frame carrier allows your toilet to be installed at your preferred height making it accessible to children and adults. These models can be placed anyway from 15 inches up to 28 inches from the floor for comfort.

Going Green

Many wall-hung models are actually WaterSense certified by the EPA, which means they help protect the environment and save water compared to floor-mounted models. Many wall-hung toilets allow you to choose between two different flush settings including a 0.8-gallon flush and a 1.6-gallon flush. This setting will help you save money and water by only flushing the required amount. The flush actuator plate is separate from the toilet itself for easy access and is available in a variety of finishes to match your bathroom’s décor.

Internal Overflow

Overflow can be a big problem for toilets. If the float valve fails in your toilet, you could end up with water damage in your walls and floors. But many wall-hung toilets come with an internal overflow to protect your home from this problem. A toilet equipped with internal overflow means your toilet’s tank does not require a separate external pipe for the overflow of water.

Wall-hung toilets allow you to have the sleek, modern fixtures you want in your bathroom without sacrificing functionality. For more information on purchasing your bathroom fixtures, call WalterWorks Hardware today!

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