Choosing the Right Cabinet Hardware for Your Kitchen

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There are a few decisions you will have to make when choosing the right cabinet hardware for your kitchen.

Whether you are remodeling, updating, or building from the ground up, every detail in your kitchen matters. Even if you don’t focus on the small details, the cabinet hardware in your kitchen makes a statement the affects the entire look and feel of the room. People think of it as accessorizing with jewelry to complete the outfit.  So with so much riding on these little fixtures, how do you choose the right ones for your cabinets? Let’s take a look at how to choose cabinet hardware to give your kitchen the look you want.  By the way, these choices apply to cabinets in bathrooms, offices, or anywhere else in your house as well.

Choosing Between Knobs and Pulls

When choosing hardware for your kitchen cabinets, you will find a wide variety of knobs and pulls. While this choice may seem unimportant, they each have their different features that can change the overall look and feel of your new kitchen. Kitchen cabinet knobs, also known as mushroom knobs, are historically prevalent and can convey a traditional feel, as can bin pulls (cup pulls) on drawers.  Cabinet pulls might give your kitchen a more sophisticated, modern, or elegant look. Although this can be said for most cabinet hardware, there are always knobs and pulls that cross these distinctions so you can find the look you want.  This choice is a big subject, so look for a future blog on the practical and design aspects of choosing knobs versus pulls.

Choosing a Style

Because there are so many cabinets in your kitchen, the cabinet hardware you select will have a major role in kitchen décor.  Do you want a traditional look or contemporary?  There’s an in-between (some call it “transitional”) where a classic design takes a modern form: an example would be a bin pull with a simple spheric shape.  If it’s traditional, how ornate do you like, and what pattern or theme do you want?  Often traditional forms with no detail can achieve a classic utilitarian look: an example is the plain mushroom knob.  And then there is altering the scale.  I have often found interior designers like to embellish by choosing over-sized knobs.  Architects, on the other hand, prefer to streamline, and tend toward knobs diminished in size.  A normal kitchen knob is 1-1/4” diameter.  Why be normal?

Choosing a Material and Finish

Once you have decided on knobs and pulls and have narrowed down your kitchen’s styles, it is time to choose a material and finish. Kitchen hardware comes in a variety of materials from space-age plastics or stainless steel to a beautiful polished brass. Choose a nickel or stainless finish for a modern kitchen or a bronze and brass work well with an antique or farmhouse kitchen. But you can also choose different finishes for your materials. From a high gloss to a dark antique, these looks will accent your kitchen and bring out the beauty of your cabinets.

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