Uses for Self-Closing Hinges

self-closing hinges

Have you been thinking about self-closing hinges for your home?

When it comes to your hardware, there are many different hinges you can choose from. From different finishes to different types, every type of hinge can bring a new design element to your home. But when choosing your hinges, you should not just think about design, you should also think about the features that come with the hinge. One of the most popular features found in today’s hinges is a self-closing feature. These hinges allow you to walk away from your cabinet knowing nothing will be exposed to your guests. Let’s take a look at what these hinges are and some of the uses for self-closing hinges.

What is a Self-Closing Hinge?

A self-closing hinge is a hinge that is designed to pull the cabinet door shut after it has been opened and released. While they are mostly found in kitchens, they can also be found in bathrooms and even on doors and gates. Self-closing hinges use a spring mount so once the door is opened and gently pushed, the spring coils to pull the hinges back together and close the cabinet. So why would anyone want a self-closing hinge? Read on to find out.

The Uses of Self-Closing Hinges

These hinges are extremely popular in many different areas of your home, but they are most often found in the kitchen. Self-closing hinges are not only useful when you have your hands full, but they can also help keep your kitchen and food sanitary. When cooking, it is important that you are not constantly touching other items in your kitchen that aren’t sanitary. Instead of closing your kitchen cabinets, simply nudge it closed with the back of your arm and the hinge will do the work. If you are constantly touching your kitchen cabinet handles, not only are you putting your family at risk of germs, you are also contributing to the spread by adding new germs to the cabinet. Keep your kitchen clean and use self-closing hinges. Many hospitals and healthcare clinics use these hinges on cabinets and doors in order to keep the patient’s rooms private and to prevent the transmission of diseases.

Putting self-closing hinges around your home can not only keep your home sanitary, it can also help to maintain your privacy. For more information on installing self-closing hinges around your home, visit WalterWorks Hardware today!

Self-Closing Hinges with WalterWorks Hardware!

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