More Door-Related Questions: What is a Hollow Core Door Supposed to Be?

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So this might lead you to ask: what is a hollow core door supposed to be?

Without doors and windows, the buildings we see today wouldn’t be the same. Points of egress (whether or not they are concealable) are integral parts of structural design. But when you’re choosing new doors, you have to consider the merits of several different options. So this might lead you to ask: what is a hollow core door supposed to be? 

What Are They? 

These models are meant to be interior doors. As such, their frames do not contain very many substantial materials aside from the door itself. They’re extremely lightweight, which facilitates movement and installation. Something to note is that they don’t muffle sound very well, so they are not great choices for any rooms that you wish to soundproof. Even so, when compared to their solid core counterparts, they are much more affordable. 

How Are They Fabricated? 

Next up, we’ll tell you about how manufacturers make these exceptional doors. Without scrap wood or artificial wood-veneer finishes, these doors would be next to impossible to assemble. Since they don’t demand very many resources, hollow core doors are inexpensive options. This attribute helps keep remodeling or renovation-related costs relatively low. It’s also eco-friendly since it reuses materials that would simply be destined for landfills or other waste collection points. 

What Supports Do They Need? 

While we said earlier that these doors do not contain many solid materials, they still need some support structure. To that end, the doorframes typically feature structural paper. Structural paper is arranged into honeycomb patterns and then glued to the frame. Foam blocks and pieces of filler board are other possible supports.    

Where Should They Go? 

Since hollow core doors are rated for interior use, they are not suitable for exterior usage. Intruders can break through them far too easily as these doors are not commonly reinforced against damage. Hollow core doors also lack the aesthetic appeal of sturdier wooden doors. As we mentioned before, they don’t provide as much sound protection or insulation either. Hollow cores are often installed in advance of future upgrades that make them stronger and more durable.  

Can They Be Repurposed?

One exciting thing about hollow cores is that they can be repurposed and used in other functional ways. These clever changes include setting them up as a makeshift table; ingenious homeowners can set up a minimalist desk for their home office space when paired with low filing cabinets. Use mirrors, foam, and fabric to arrange a headboard in the bedroom. Alternatively, you can also acquire some blackboard paint and apply it to an extra hollow core. Then it is a chalkboard you can use for homeschooling your children or keeping track of what groceries you need!  

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