What Are Bifold Doors and Why Should You Consider Them?

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Ordinary closet doors and even unique sliding doors aren’t the only options you have.

Multiple ideas for changing your home can come together in unexpected ways. For instance, you might be wondering about the other types of doors you can use around the house. Ordinary closet doors and even unique sliding doors aren’t the only options you have. Why should you consider using them? Here are some good reasons to get your imagination going

A Closer Look at These Door Designs 

Specially designed hinges connect a pair of door panels. You’ll also notice that they are mounted from above. Overhead tracks, rollers, and casters are other essential hardware to make this system work. Knobs and pulls allow the user to fold the panels open and closed as necessary. After that, you can move the now-folded door aside. Then you can enter the room behind it. Some sliding doors won’t let you do this.     

Usages in Other Settings 

Outside of the home, you might see bifold doors in operation elsewhere. For example, commercial garages and even airplane hangars feature them as well. Therefore, extremely heavy overhead doors are rendered unnecessary. Here, they are more often used as interior divider doors and not the access or egress doors on the exteriors of these structures. Bifold door designs are manufactured in specific ways. This configuration means that the casters and rollers will be left unaffected. 

What Are Some Downsides? 

Unfortunately, if you’re thinking of adding bi-folds to your home, some downsides exist. You’ve got to take them into account, or else something could go very wrong. The associated tracks, casters, and rollers wear down much more quickly. Besides, too much pushing or pulling damages these essential components. That’s because they are not the same as side hinges. Bent tracks and dislodged casters will interfere with how well the doors work. This situation, of course, frustrates the door’s user enough that they’ll start tugging on the door more forcefully. As a result, the problem only gets worse.   

Bifold vs. Pocket Doors

Pocket doors slide far enough that the door panels can vanish into the frames around them. Sliding door systems aren’t as common as the ordinary doors that open and close. Both pocket and bifold doors are ideal for smaller spaces. Bedroom closets, laundry rooms, mudrooms, and kitchen pantries are some of the rooms and aspects you can modify with bifold doors. Both pocket doors and bifold doors are relatively easy to install. Even so, you might still want to consult the professionals to ensure the best results.  

Out with the Old, In with the New: How Can We Help You?

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