Home Hardware: 3 Mailboxes for Your Home

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Mail slots, wall mount, and post mount mailboxes each have features that can keep your mail safe.

When it comes to your home hardware, your mailbox can easily be the most overlooked. With technology at its peak, bills, notices, and other important mail have heavily become digitized, making it easy to forget the importance of a mailbox. However, having a mailbox outside of your home is still very important. Whether you’re already a homeowner or plan on owning a home someday, you will need a mailbox. Mailboxes ensure that your mail which contains classified and private information, is safe and protected and we’re here to help you choose one perfect for you and your home.

1. Mail Slots

Mail slots are a perfect option for those who worry about the safety of their mail. The great thing about mail slots is that once your mail comes in, it stays in. Mail slots are very cost-effective and space efficient as they only occupy a small space on your entry door. They are also very convenient for both you and your mail carrier. With a mail slot, there is no need to bother checking your mailbox every day as your mail would be available to your every day as you enter or exit your home. Our manufacturers offer mail slots that are available in multiple finishes and many metallic materials.

2. Wall Mount


Wall mount mailboxes may not be mounted to your door, but they are still very convenient and effective at keeping your mail safe. These mailboxes are much more customizable than mail slots ranging in various sizes, shapes, colors, materials, and designs.

3. Post Mount

Choosing home hardware can be especially fun with post mount mailboxes. Post mount mailboxes are great options for homes with long pathways or driveways. Since they typically sit at the entry of your pathway to your home, it makes it convenient for both you and your mail carrier to collect and drop off mail.  Post mount mailboxes are available in so many different options which makes them fun to customize to fit your personality and the curbside appeal of your home. They are available in multiple finishes, many materials such as metal, wood, and plastic, and various designs. To add a more personalized touch, you can also add personalized address plaques and get creative with the smaller details such as the top, side, and front mount. If you are concerned about safety, rear access is also an available option for this mailbox.



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