Building a Breakfast Bar in Your Kitchen

Building a Breakfast Bar in Your Kitchen

You might know what it’s like to have an island in your kitchen, but what about a breakfast bar?

A great way to change your kitchen is to remodel it. However, even relatively small changes, from putting in new appliances to changing the backsplash, can make a difference. You might know what it’s like to have an island in your kitchen, but what about a breakfast bar? Read on to find out more

Plan It

The first and most crucial step is to make your plans. Without these plans, your project can’t move forward. Please note that no matter how much time and energy you pour into your kitchen plans, the actual remodeling or renovation work should be performed by professionals who have the tools and training to get the job done right the first time, every time. While the breakfast bar can be placed in the kitchen, it can also be placed in almost any other room that isn’t the bathroom, mudroom, or garage. In short, the kitchen makes the most sense. There needs to be enough room to allow the natural flow of foot traffic throughout your kitchen. 

Choose the Countertop 

The next step is to choose the countertop you want to use. This part of the project is where the real fun begins. Consider the countertops and cabinets, along with the associated hardware, that is in your kitchen right now. Do you want the breakfast bar to match them, or would you prefer to create a contrast? That should be your guiding question during this phase of your kitchen redesign. Glass is a good idea, especially if you are aiming for a sleek and modernist aesthetic. Even so, durability should be your primary concern. If you want to put your keys or more cumbersome appliances there, it could damage the countertop you put on the breakfast bar, and that could potentially represent the worst-case scenario, throwing off the entire design of your kitchen.  

Get the Supports 

The last step is to choose the supports you want to use. One idea is to use wooden “legs” for a bar that is propped up against the wall. However, if you wish to have the breakfast bar be an anchor in your kitchen and last far longer, then it’s a smarter idea to use a more durable material such as metal supported by studs set in the wall. 

Choose Your Home Hardware From WalterWorks

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