Giving Your Home a Facelift

Giving Your Home a Facelift

Spring is a great time to start on some home improvement projects. Have you decided to give your home an extreme makeover?

Spring is a great time to start on some home improvement projects. Have you decided to give your home an extreme makeover? Then there are some things you should consider before you get started. Let’s look at four areas around your home: the outside, the kitchen, the bathroom, and the coats of paint you apply on it. 

The Outside

Never underestimate how important curb appeal is. It’s what helps you smile after a long day at the grocery store stocking up on necessary supplies you need to help get you through the rest of what is sure to be a tough month. Add some mulch and new plants to spruce up the exterior of your home and catch some sunlight while you’re at it! 

The Kitchen 

Without a doubt, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your entire home. It’s easy to say that your home wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t have one. Many homeowners spring for a second kitchen to make life easier when the main kitchen is undergoing renovations and when nice weather conditions encourage you to head out back to do some grilling or necessary yardwork to everything looking neat and tidy so that you won’t upset your neighbors. Adding a backsplash, refacing the cabinets, adding new lighting, and dedicating more space to the pantry can make even more of a difference than you might realize!  

The Bathroom

Another essential room is the bathroom. While many homes are just fine with one kitchen, having multiple bathrooms is the way to go, even if there are only two full baths and a half bathroom set into the hallway downstairs right by the front entryway. Try replacing the mirrors and fixtures to breathe new life into the kitchen. Also try replacing the toilet, the tile, and the grout. Small changes can yield huge changes in unexpected ways. 

The Paint 

Finally, you can’t overlook the paint that you use, whether it is on the inside or outside. Neutral colors are for the best, but experiment with different palettes, especially if certain rooms have a particular aesthetic that you are trying to cultivate. The right colors can energize or relax you, so play around with different colors until you find the ones you like the best!  

Choose Your Home Hardware From WalterWorks

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