How to Add a Kitchen Sink Without New Windows

How to Add a Kitchen Sink Without New Windows

Why does a kitchen sink always need to be mounted near the windows?

Whether you are moving into a brand new home or you are thinking about remodeling your current kitchen, there is probably one design convention that has always baffled you. Why does a kitchen sink always need to be mounted near the windows? This isn’t always true of every kitchen – sometimes the window could be on one wall next to the electrical panel for the entire house while the sink is positioned somewhere between the refrigerator and the stove. Even so, you have some options to explore. Let’s find out what they could be.

Go Island-Hopping

One idea is to incorporate your next sink into the kitchen island instead of the counter. That way, you can get the dishes done while still being able to chat with friends and family – it’s much less frustrating and standoffish when you can make eye contact instead of needing to turn around each time you want to say something. Plus, you’ll have more room for preparing meals and cleaning up the counter before bedtime so that at least one surface of your kitchen isn’t overwhelmingly filthy beyond your ability or energy level to clean it up.

Add More Storage

However, there are even more inventive ways to add a new sink to your kitchen without compromising versatility. Adding storage might at first sound counterproductive, especially if you stack dirty dishes before rinsing them and putting them in the dishwasher for sanitizing. That’s not exactly what we mean. Adding new storage shelves above your kitchen is a fantastic design choice. Use glass-front cabinets to protect your fine china or antique tea sets. Install some lights in your new shelves to make it easier to find the items you need, and bring new life to solid doors that aren’t glass-fronted. However, keep in mind that if you choose open-air shelves, you will need to do more dusting.

Aim for Aesthetic

What aesthetic do you want for your kitchen? You probably think about the look and feel of other spaces within your home – the bathroom, bedroom, home office, playroom, etc. That means you tend to overlook the design for your kitchen. Remodeling or renovating this hub of your home allows you to aim higher and go for an aesthetic you never thought possible before now. Find some art, hang a photo of a treasured memory from a long-ago vacation, or have your children draw some new pictures for you to display somewhere besides the fridge.

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