Are You Overdue for a Bathroom Remodel?

Are You Overdue for a Bathroom Remodel?

One way to improve the value and functionality of your bathroom is to remodel it.

One way to improve the value and functionality of your bathroom is to remodel it. Sometimes, revamping your entire bathroom is an overdue process. This delay could be due to several factors, depending on how much time and money you can set aside for it. But you don’t need to tackle this project alone. Here are some ways to recognize when it’s been too long since your bathroom got a makeover.

The Plumbing is Crumbling

The plumbing in your bathroom is essential to keep your family comfortable. If the pipes get too old, then it won’t work as well. The water will appear cloudy or dirty, and the toilet might refuse to flush – or when it does, it floods the entire house. So if these residential horror stories reflect what you face every day, then it’s time to do something about it. Repairs can only go so far – renovations and remodels can give you the relief you seek.

It’s Unsafe

Another reason to remodel your bathroom is when it has become unsafe. Mobility challenges can affect anyone, no matter how old they are. This means that although it is ideal to be able to age-in-place, it won’t only be your elderly parents who can slip and fall in your outdated bathroom. Incorporating aerators, detachable handlebars, and support railings are excellent ways to make your remodeled bathroom safer without needing a radical change.

Your Family Grew

Your living situation will change over the years. It’s lovely to think we’ll always stay in the home we grew up in, but that isn’t still the case. Everyone needs to leave the nest at some point, and start building their own. Another reason to upgrade your bathroom is when your family is growing. Whether new roommates or relatives are moving in, you are adopting multiple pets, or you are having or adopting children, family dimensions are always in flux. Refresh your bathroom with that in mind.

Layout Doesn’t Work

Take a moment to think about how the current design of the bathroom works. Making every bathroom in your house more accessible is essential, and something you can’t overlook. Don’t dismiss powder rooms or full basement baths as unnecessary or unworthy of your time and attention. If the layout doesn’t work for you, then don’t merely accept it. Don’t settle, because the time has come to demand progress.

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