Aerators and Other Technology for Your Bathroom

Aerators and Other Technology for Your Bathroom

Now that you’ve begun the process of remodeling your bathroom, you might be inspired to keep going.

Now that you’ve begun the process of remodeling your bathroom, you might be inspired to keep going. Upgrading your bathroom even further means you can take advantage of installing replacement aerators and experimenting with new forms of technology in your bathroom that you never thought possible before. Let’s have a look.

More Information about Aerators

Faucet aerators help inject air into the stream of water that comes out. This upgrade reduces the splash effect of the water and can help you conserve water. If saving water is your priority, then you should choose a restricted-flow aerator. However, these aerators will make simple tasks such as filling up the sink with water take longer than it usually would. Once you have a new aerator, though, you won’t need to worry about replacing it for the next two years. Before disposing of your old aerator, be sure to bring it to your nearest home improvement store to make sure that it fits without a problem.

Sanitizing Technology

Sometimes, washing your hands with soap isn’t enough. It won’t matter if it’s in bar or liquid form. Still, you don’t need to depend on soap to help get your hands clean, or when you need to help your kids wash their hands. Ozone-activated antibacterial bath faucets can make a difference you didn’t know you needed. The ozone helps to eliminate germs in the water that survived the water treatment process, but that doesn’t mean the water is unsafe to use when you need to brush your teeth or fill up a glass for a quick drink when you wake up in the middle of the night with a raging thirst.

Motion Technology

When you go to the mall or out to eat, you might have seen hands-free technology in the bathrooms there. This motion technology can activate soap dispensers and start the flow of water when you move your hand around and trip the sensor. Now you can add these features to your bathroom at home. Taking your bathrooms to the next level will need batteries or another electrical outlet supplying power, so you consider self-powering technology as an alternative.

Self-Powered Technology

Some faucets can power themselves, which can be an enormous benefit if you’re looking to declutter your renovated bathroom or merely want to cut back on some of the utility bills for your home. These faucets conceal turbines that are driven by water flow and can store the electricity for the sensors even when they aren’t in use.

Choose Your Bathroom Fixtures From WalterWorks

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