How to Create a Timeless Kitchen

How to Create a Timeless Kitchen

When you grow tired of your current kitchen, then it’s time for some kitchen remodeling.

When you grow tired of your current kitchen, then it’s time for some remodeling. When you remodel your kitchen, you can rejuvenate your kitchen cabinets, add some more lighting, and breathe new life into your countertops and other surfaces. Here are some great tips on how to achieve a kitchen that will never go out of style.

Use White as a Blank Canvas

One idea to try is to set everything in your kitchen in white. If you have a small, cramped kitchen then setting it in all white can help open it up and help it feel airier and more comfortable to stand and work in. Also, if you’ve got an eye towards selling your home in a few years, you can present the kitchen as a place where the new homeowner can let their imagination run wild.

Use Marble

You can also choose to update your countertops. While you can’t redo your cabinets so that they feature marble doors, you can upgrade the countertop from Formica, for instance, to marble instead – whether it’s the counter by the sink, for the kitchen island, or for the microwave stand that features cabinets above and below it.

Use Tile

Your backsplash is another essential part of your newly redesigned kitchen. If it isn’t already, you can choose to upgrade your backsplash so that it is made of tile instead of whatever it was before. White tile is especially striking and eye-catching when you pair it with marble in other parts of your remodeled kitchen.

Add New Sinks

You’re probably familiar with the concept of a deep sink in your laundry room. After all, it’s an easy way for your washer to drain excess water without flooding your clothes or the floor around the washer unit. That said, you can also consider adding a deep sink to your kitchen during your next kitchen remodel. The deeper your sink is, the more room you can have for washing dishes – this attribute is especially great if you need to wash pots and pans or other oddly sized items that either can’t or won’t fit in your dishwasher.

Even if you don’t think that a farmhouse sink is the right fit for your redesigned kitchen, you shouldn’t dismiss an undermount sink. Undermount sinks help make cleaning up after meal prep so much easier you might not be able to believe it at first.

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