Your Small Kitchen and Darker Cabinets

Your Small Kitchen and Darker Cabinets

You can fit darker cabinets into your small kitchen. Here is how you can manage to do it.

Remodeling your home can be more complicated than you might think at first. But sometimes, starting in one room and then moving on can be easier for you. You can fit darker cabinets into your small kitchen. Here is how you can manage to do it. 

Contrast with the Island

If you have an island in your kitchen, then you can use it to help provide some contrast. Plus, you will have more room to prepare your next meal without having to rush. Islands also offer more space for seating, which is ideal when you have several small children in the house, and you need somewhere for the adults to sit down when it’s time to eat. Although it doesn’t sound like it on the surface, having a black island can help the room feel fuller. If your kitchen is too small for your liking, then a mobile island – or a cart on wheels – can give you that same flexibility without leaving too much of a footprint.

Try Glass Door Inserts

Black kitchen cabinets can also support glass door inserts. These features allow you to see inside the cabinet without needing to open the door. Plus, the upper cabinets can convey a sense of space because the eye is tricked into thinking there is more room up there. Frosted glass and etched glass can also help lend a touch of elegance to your cabinets more than clear glass can do. 

Add Open Shelving

Never underestimate the value of open shelving. That way, you can also make your kitchen feel bigger than it is. The key is to pair it up with black cabinets or other darker surfaces, such as countertops or floors. Lighter accents on the wall and backsplash can give a splash of color, so your kitchen won’t feel tedious or monotonous to look at; after all, you don’t want it to feel too dull!

Consider Smoother Transitions

The backsplash is also a useful way to incorporate smoother transitions into your redesigned kitchen. If you still want to integrate black cabinets but aren’t sure how to do it naturally, then one idea is to combine them with lighter countertops instead. Glass tiles can also help make a difference, mainly if you use them in the new backsplash as well! 

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