How to Search for Your Switchplate Hardware

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Find your best switchplate hardware to enhance your home design.

If you want to refresh your home, one small detail that can’t be overlooked is the switchplates. You don’t have to settle for the plain, standard form of many switchplates when they are installed. It can be challenging to determine where to start when finding your switchplate hardware, but this guide will help you move through each step of the process. When you decide on your preferred style, you can visit WalterWorks Hardware to select your ideal switchplates. 

Step One: The Switchplate Style

The first step in narrowing down your choices as you search for switchplate hardware is determining the style you need. Styles are broken down into categories. There are: 

  • Standard Plates: Featuring either Screwed or Screwless installation. Screwless plates are used for enhanced safety.

Screwed-In Plates

These are further broken down into more categories: 

  • Datacom: Three different varieties 
  • Duplex: Two holes for two separate outlets, one above the other in a single plate
  • Decorator/Standard: These include one rectangular cutout per “gang.” You can install many different devices without needing a new switchplate.  
  • Blank: Covers unused switch or outlet boxes
  • Toggle: For a toggle type switch, like most older styles of light switches. 

Numerous combination plates are also available, including Datacom/Duplex, Decorator/Duplex, Decorator/Blank, and Blank/Toggle plates. 

Step Two: Gangs

When selecting new switchplate hardware, you must consider how many “gangs” are needed. When it comes to hardware jargon, “gangs” refers to the individual electrical component in a wall box. For example, if you need a wall plate to fit a single switch, you only need a 1-gang switchplate. Two switches require a 2-gang outlet cover. 

Step Three: Plate Size

You can choose from three switchplate sizes: Standard, Mid-Size, and Oversize. This is one of the easier decisions to make because it all depends on your preferred style. 

Step Four: Color 

You can find a huge variety of switchplate hardware in all colors that might suit your various interior design plans. The following list includes a broad range of potential hardware colors: 

  • Standard: White, Black, Brown, Light Almond, Ivory, Gray 
  • Elite: Gold, Silver, Dark Bronze, Nickel, Rose Gold 

Once you choose your color, you can decide whether you prefer a matte or brushed finish. Matte finishes are smooth and modern, while brushed hardware creates a dynamic and shinier appearance that catches the eye. 

Step Five: Materials

Which materials do you prefer for your switchplate hardware? You can consider the benefits of the following: 

  • Polycarbonate: These models are not water- or corrosive-resistant, but they are quite durable and resistant to heat and impact. 
  • Metal: Polished Chrome, Polished Brass, and Stainless Steel all offer style, heat resistance, water resistance, impact resistance, and corrosion resistance, adding flair to your home. 

Once you have navigated through these steps, you can find the best hardware for your home!

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