Everything You Wanted To Know About Towel Warmers

towel warmers

Investing in towel warmers comes with a wide array of benefits,

An affordable luxury, towel warmers provide homeowners with a remarkably indulgent shower or bath experience. In fact, towel warmers are a wonderful bathroom accessory that provides myriad of benefits for homeowners. Imagine having a luxury hotel experience right in your own bathroom. With towel warmers, you get to feel comfortable and luxurious without spending a fortune.

Warming Your Towel Linens

Towel warmers are used to gently warm your towel linens. The range in design from simple to custom built-ins. In fact, with such a range of designs, the towel warmers can come in a variety of price ranges as well. By generating heat that can serve as a warmer for even your most delicate garments to provide a source of warmth for your bathroom, towel warmers are a great investment for any bathroom in your home.

Types Of Towel Warmers

With two distinct types of towel warmers, it can be hard to decide the type is best for your unique needs.


  • Electric Warmers: Electric towel warmers are ones that use heat like a flat iron. In fact, they use an internal electric heat element to heat up. Therefore, these warmers are able to be either freestanding or integrated into your home’s wiring. Depending on your specific needs, an electric warmer may be the best option for you. Plug-in electric units are typically the more cost-effective option, however, investing in wall-mounted electric warmers could provide you with a major profit when you decide to sell your humble abode.
  • Hydronic Units: Hydronic towel warmers are another option homeowners have in terms of the types of towel warmers to choose from. More often than not, these hydronic units require professional installation in order to provide the best result. In fact, depending on the design and finish that you choose, they can become costly. However, if you are looking to increase the value of your home, adding a hydronic towel warmer in your home will increase the value of your home substantially when you decide to sell it. Being able to warm up in approximately five minutes, hydronic towel warmers are fast and extremely effective at providing homeowners with a luxurious bathroom experience.


Choose Your Next Towel Warmer From WalterWorks

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