Getting New Fixtures in Your Home’s Bathroom

Getting New Fixtures in Your Home’s Bathroom

Remodeling your bathroom is an involved process. 

Remodeling your bathroom is an involved process. Before starting it, make sure you won’t want to renovate the other bathrooms in your home as well. One of the major changes made during this process is the addition of new fixtures that replace old ones. Here’s a look at what that entails

Getting Rid of Fixtures 

The first step is determining what you want to hold onto and what you can part with, especially if some of the fixtures don’t work the same way they did before. Recycling old parts can help keep your budget under control as well. Replacing the tub or sink is one thing, but upgrading your toilet is a worthwhile investment, plus, you will thank yourself for getting a bidet installed. While many homeowners are tempted to run the entire process by themselves, this is not something even the most experienced DIY enthusiast can handle. In other words, it’s much easier and simpler to engage the professionals to do it for you

Moving the Plumbing 

Moving the plumbing around is also much more complicated and difficult than it sounds. You would definitely have to call in a professional for this, at least a plumber. Consult with bathroom remodeling experts to get a better understanding of what all of this means. Before starting this step, make sure you are ready for it, both physically and monetarily, because you’ll be spending upwards of several hundred dollars to get the plumbing moved around. It makes even more difference when the toilet needs to be adjusted, and depending on the subfloor, it means that you shouldn’t try to do this by yourself but instead lean on professional expertise. 

Getting Replacements 

At last, we come to the final step in the process. You’ll have the most fun choosing replacements for the sink, the tub, the shower, the lights, the walls, and the flooring. In essence, remodeling the bathroom from top to bottom is where you can really show off your creativity and personality in making the bathroom truly your own. Consider the following touches:

  • Pedestal sinks 
  • Vessel sinks 
  • Dual sinks
  • Tiles 
  • Radiant heat in the floors 
  • Jetted tubs
  • Plated metal
  • Wall sconces and skylights

All of these touches can make your bathroom more impressive, just think about whether or not you are changing a master bathroom, a guest bathroom, or a basement bathroom.  

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