How to Add a Kitchen Sink When You Don’t Want New Windows

How to Add a Kitchen Sink When You Don’t Want New Windows

Updating your kitchen sink is easier than you might think.

Updating your kitchen sink is easier than you might think. For many homeowners, it’s tempting to focus on the big picture and lose sight of smaller details like where the sink should go and what dimensions it should have – especially when new windows are part of the plan. Here’s a guide to adding a new kitchen sink when you don’t want to add a window along with it. 

Use Your Kitchen Island 

One tremendous way to redesign your kitchen is to add an island. Take a minute to think about the placement of this feature. Plus, it can double as a breakfast bar. This solution also gives you another place to wash dishes without crowding the kitchen counter. Another benefit is that you can chat with friends and family while getting work done in the kitchen. Making meals and preparing to bake is so much easier with a second sink that doesn’t need to be placed by the window or under it. 

Increase Storage Potential 

Another idea to consider is to find a way to increase your kitchen’s storage capacity. You could theoretically include a bigger pantry or a butler’s pantry to pull this design change off. Your kitchen sink might tie the room together, but that doesn’t mean you only have the option of using the window as a focal point. There are more creative ways to incorporate more storage into your kitchen – consider, for example, putting in new storage shelves over the sink. Just make sure that it isn’t too high up, or else you won’t be able to reach it for anything that you might need. Go above and beyond by storing your fine-china in here instead of in a cabinet or hutch that might take up more space in your dining room than it needs to do! 

Accelerate Aesthetic Design 

Finally, take the time to think about how the aesthetics will change when you add a second kitchen sink or replace the one that you already have. Pick new art that can complement the look of the sink, or with other appliances. Photos and drawings also give your kitchen more personality, so bear that in mind as you accelerate the aesthetic process to compensate for the lack of a new window. 

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