7 Types of Shower Fixtures to Create a Luxurious Bathroom Experience

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Consider the best types of shower fixtures that provide luxury, including the waterfall and handheld shower heads.

Your bathroom is your sanctuary, so it should be a luxurious and relaxing place where you go to prepare for your day or unwind before bed. This is why your choices of bathroom hardware and fixtures are so essential. Every little detail can help you create the luxurious bathroom experience of your dreams. When designing a shower that will both clean and calm you, you may consider several shower fixtures, all with uniquely appealing benefits. As you search for the best fixtures for your home at WalterWorks Hardware, consider whether the following may suit your home design preferences. 

The Fixed Showerhead

This shower is affixed to the wall by a short pipe that lets water flow through the head. A fixed showerhead is immobile but can be adjusted in small increments to change the angle of the water. This fixture comes in many materials, metals, colors, and styles. 

Tub Faucet

If you have a tub/shower, you will want a faucet/shower head combo. Most tub faucets are designed to match the showerhead and are sold together. The package includes a showerhead, matching tub faucet, and diverter valve. 

Handheld Showerhead

A handheld showerhead is one of the shower fixtures that offers multifunctionality. These heads have a docking station affixed to the wall, so you can use them as a fixed showerhead. But they are also connected to a hose that provides a greater range of motion. 

Waterfall Showerhead

A waterfall showerhead delivers a broad stream of water to recreate the experience of standing under a serene waterfall. It can be used with other showerheads to provide multiple options and create a spa-like experience. 

Thermostatic Shower Valve

Of course, some shower fixtures are not about the flow of the water but how it feels. A thermostatic valve allows you to preset the temperature of your shower. It mixes hot and cold water to create the perfect temperature for your shower without any frigid or scalding surprises. 

Steam Shower 

If you want the ultimate spa experience at home, consider installing a steam shower. A steam shower consists of a steam generator and moisture-sealed enclosure. A steam shower can not only keep you clean but also ease joint pains, improve circulation, and provide congestion relief. 

Body Shower System

Body shower fixtures consist of multiple shower heads mounted on the walls surrounding your entire body in a relaxing, massaging spray. A body shower is often installed as a shower tower that incorporates a shower head, faucet controls, body jets, and occasionally a handheld shower that mounts on the wall. 

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