7 Premium Advantages of Hot Water Taps

walterworks hardware advantages of hot water taps

Learn more about the undeniable advantages of hot water taps in your kitchen.

Excellent kitchen design is all about maximizing your usable space. Every countertop, storage space, and worktop must function in some beneficial way. This is why specialty faucets and taps can be so appealing. For instance, hot water taps are rising in popularity because they don’t take up much space but can provide several premium advantages. A hot water tap is a specialized sink faucet that pours steaming hot water without delay. It is often installed next to your main faucet at your sink, so you have easy access to hot water whenever you need it. What are the advantages of hot water taps? When you explore your options at WalterWorks Hardware, we can help you understand how these unique taps can improve your kitchen experience. 

A Better Way to Clean Fruits and Vegetables 

If you are looking for a better way to eat fresh fruit or veggies, a hot water tap effectively removes lingering dirt and debris. These taps can help guarantee that your fresh food is thoroughly cleaned and prepared for eating. 

Streamline Your Worktop

Installing hot water taps in the kitchen to be a part of your main workflow can help create less clutter on your worktop. It’s great for smaller kitchens and keeps your workstation streamlined. However, while it can save you a lot of counter space, you will need space underneath the sink to install the tank and filter system. 

Better Dish Cleaning

One of the best advantages of tot water taps is how they make your kitchen much more time-efficient. Washing dishes is made even easier, as hot water can be especially helpful in removing tough stains and caked-on food. If you have been frustrated waiting for the hot water to come out of your regular faucet, your hot water tap means you no longer have to wait. 

Save Water with Hot Water Taps

Heating a kettle of water for coffee or tea, or boiling water on the stovetop or in the microwave, means filling a vessel with more water than you need and often tossing whatever water is left. When you use hot water taps, you can pour as much water as you need, lowering the amount of wasted water for your home. 

Boiling Water is Easier Than Ever

Because a hot water tap ensures your water comes out nearly at a boil, filling a pot and getting it to boil takes much less time. This makes heating water for cleaning or whipping up pasta, rice, and other food as easy as can be. 

No More Kettle

Installing a hot water tap can completely replace the use of that old kettle you’ve been using for hot beverages. Hot water taps can deliver steaming hot water at 208 degrees Fahrenheit. This means no more waiting for the kettle to boil before you enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee. 

Built-In Safety Features

If the thought of pouring nearly-boiling water out of a faucet sounds a bit scary, you can rest assured that hot water taps have built-in safety features. These taps require extra care and attention, similar to your garbage disposal, but safety mechanisms are in place to prevent injury. For example, some taps have a double-tap safety feature and warning light to alert users when they are on the hot water/boiling water setting. 

Whether you are a regular tea and coffee drinker or want faster access to hot water, hot water taps can offer many advantages. Visit WalterWorks Hardware today to find your ideal hot water tap.

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