Door Knockers vs. Doorbells: Consider Your Design Options

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Should you rely on door knockers or doorbells? Learn more about what makes these devices unique.

When you invite guests to your home, you can make a first impression with your front door. There are many ways you can design an ideal front entrance and many door hardware options you can select to create an impressive and stylish entry for your home. In addition to choosing door handle sets, locks, and more, you may also consider whether you prefer door knockers or doorbells for your home. Whether you choose a door knocker or doorbell, this item is used to alert you to visitors and guests and make an impression on those visiting your home. What are the differences between door knockers and doorbells? Let WalterWorks Hardware help you determine the best option for your preferences. 

The Benefits of Door Knockers


Door knockers are highly customizable and can be made with several different types of metal. A metal door knocker can create a rustic or elegant feel that a doorbell cannot replicate. 


Because door knockers are often made of metal and can be shielded by an exterior storm door, they can last for many years. They also work without electricity, making a door knocker a highly reliable guest announcement system. 

Ease of Installation 

Because knockers do not have to be hooked up to your home’s electrical system, they are much easier to install than a doorbell. Whether your installation is a through-the-door or surface mount, these accessories are easy to install. 


The cost of materials and installation for your door knocker will typically be less than those associated with doorbells. Knockers do not work with your electrical system, so no electrical work is required. 

The Advantages of Doorbells


A doorbell is much louder than a door knocker and can be transmitted to whatever room you like through home speakers. You can also customize the sound, which you cannot do with a door knocker. A doorbell may be best if you want to ensure that you never miss someone at your door. 

Ease of Use

It is much easier for anyone to press a button than reach up and physically knock on a metal door knocker. Children and those with limited motor skills will find pressing your doorbell button much easier when they do not have to reach up or grab the knocker and knock hard enough to get your attention. You can also place your doorbell button at any height or location you desire, whereas a door knocker is located in the upper middle part of the door. 


New technology has offered up some options for customizing your doorbell. You may install a smart doorbell with a camera that sends a notification with live video whenever someone rings your doorbell. You may also use button casing, wired or wireless installations, and decide whether you want the doorbell activated by button or pull chain. 

Whether you prefer door knockers or doorbells, WalterWorks Hardware can help you find your favorite design and implement a long-lasting installation.

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