The 3 Types of Entry Door Hardware and Locks


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One option for entry door hardware is a lever, which is stylish and easy to use.

Your front door is one of the first features of your home that visitors see when stopping by and that you see when returning home. For this reason, you want to make sure that your front door is as appealing as possible, but you also want to ensure that it has the best safety features to deter potential intruders. Before selecting your entry door hardware at WalterWorks Hardware, consider which of the three types of door hardware is best for your home design. Then, consider which type of lockset is best for your security needs. 


Doorknobs feature the classic rounded handle. When turned, this handle releases a latch between the door jamb and the door. You can easily pair this handle with a deadbolt or an electronic lock if you want extra security. 

Door Levers

Operating a door lever is easy; you turn it 90 degrees, and the latch will release. A lever is preferable for those who have trouble turning or grasping a doorknob. Some door levers include number locks, which prevent latch release and should be paired with a deadbolt for extra security. 


A keyed entry handleset combines the security of a deadbolt with the convenience of a thumb latch that is pressure sensitive. They can come as a single-piece handleset, where the pull handle, latch, and deadbolt is located on one decorative panel. Other handle types feature separate lock trims, where just one end of the latch handle is on the panel with the deadbolt. This type of entry door hardware can provide a classic style, with the longer vertical panel as a focal point on your front door. Some manufacturers offer nonfunctional, matching handlesets to complement the functional hardware. 

Types of Entry Door Locksets

When it comes to locking your doors and keeping your home secure, you have many options to explore. Consider the following: 

  • Electronic Door Locks: These don’t use keys but use a touch screen, keychain remote, or numeric keypad. You may also install ones with biometric locks that read your thumbprint. The customization available for these locks is extensive so that you can design the most convenient system for your lifestyle. 
  • Keyed Doorknobs: Doorknobs are popular entry door hardware, so it only makes sense that keyed doorknobs are a preferred lockset. With doorknobs, you can install a knob with a thumb turn on the inside to lock or unlock the door. Alternatively, some knobs feature a button that unlocks when the knob is turned. 
  • Keyed Door Levers: Like knobs, the door lever cannot be disengaged from the outside without using a key. The lever’s inside half can feature a push-button or thumb turn to engage the lock
  • Keyed Deadbolts: A deadbolt acts as an additional locking point if combined with a lever or knob. Your lever or knob can come with a single-cylinder or double-cylinder deadbolt. Single-cylinder deadbolts can be unlocked from the inside with a thumb turn, while double-cylinder deadbolts need to be unlocked on both sides with a key. 
  • Keyed Handlesets: A keyed handleset can feature an exterior handle, a latch operated with your thumb, and a matching deadbolt for complete security. 

Choose Your Home Hardware From WalterWorks

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