Comparing The Benefits of Door Levers vs. Door Knobs

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Should you install door levers or door knobs? Explore the advantages of both.

If you are ready for a new home improvement project, updating your door levers or knobs can significantly improve functionality and aesthetics without busting your budget. But how can you choose between door levers and door knobs? While they may seem similar, each offers unique benefits and advantages that may be the deciding factor for you. Before you select your best new door hardware at WalterWorks Hardware, consider whether door levers or knobs are the best choices for your lifestyle, family, and home design. 

Door Levers Are Best for Older Adults 

Door levers are best for those with mobility concerns, disabilities, arthritis, or other conditions, which can make using knobs a little more difficult. Door levers are easier to grasp and only need to be pushed down to function rather than turned. This makes door levers much easier to use if a family member’s hands, finger strength, or dexterity is a concern. 

Door Knobs Are Better for Homes with Young Children  

Because door knobs are slightly more challenging to use, they are best for homes with children. Because door levers are so easy to grasp, a child on their tip-toes or standing on an object could easily find a way to push into closed rooms. Door knobs require more grasp and strength to turn, which young kids don’t often have, especially when they are not yet tall enough to reach the door knobs without help. However, for extra security, you may want to install child-proof locks to ensure that your little ones don’t accidentally open the front door or any other closed doors that protect them from risk. 

Select From a Wide Variety of Door Levers

Door levers can be found in a wide variety of materials and designs. They can be round, square, or rectangular and smooth or textured. You can find metal, glass, or plastic door levers. When you have so many options, you have more design flexibility and can more easily find a unique design that adds some beauty to your home. 

If you are looking for one-of-a-kind pieces or have a specific home design you wish to complement, you may find more door levers that suit your style. Door knobs at WalterWorks Hardware also come in many varieties, but because they retain the basic round shape of the knob, there is slightly less design variation. 

Door Knobs Can Provide Additional Security

Door knobs can provide a little more security, which is why they are often used for exterior doors. The only way to break through a knob is to drill or damage the cylinder with a wrench or hammer, which creates noise and alerts people in the home or passersby. 

Can’t Decide? Consider Mixing and Matching

Many homeowners may feel pressured to stick to one option: door levers or knobs. But you can work with experienced hardware experts to determine when mixing and matching may work for your home. If you love both knobs and levers, you can create a design in which you can use both. Maybe all exterior doors are knobs, and all interior doors are levers? Find what works for you to create a fun, fresh, and exciting new element of your home design.

Choose Your Home Hardware From WalterWorks

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