Bathroom Cabinets: How to Find the Best Ones for Your Home

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Find the best bathroom cabinets at WalterWorks Hardware.

An essential part of any bathroom design is your bathroom cabinet. These features can hold your basic toiletries and medicines or store decorative items that liven up your bathroom. But as with all components of your bathroom design, there are numerous options for you to explore when creating your unique design. How can you find the best bathroom cabinets for your home design and lifestyle needs? At WalterWorks Hardware, we can help you find the best bathroom cabinets. But first, it will help you to consider the following questions and considerations to discover which designs you like most. 

Who Is Going to Use Your Bathroom Cabinets? 

One question to consider is who will use the cabinets in your bathroom. If you have a family bathroom, will the cabinets only hold items for the adults? Is this bathroom for one person, or will it be shared? The answer to this question will help you decide on the location for your cabinets and what type you should install. 

Bathroom Cabinet Material and Hardware Options 

Bathroom cabinets are often made from bathroom-friendly wood. However, you can also find them in different materials, particularly metal. Wood tends to be more popular, though, as it can be more versatile in how it matches your bathroom design. 

You will also want to consider your cabinet hardware. This can include the knobs on the doors and how that hardware matches other drawers or door hardware in your bathroom. You want your cabinets to be a part of a cohesive bathroom design. 

The Importance of Bathroom Cabinet Placement

The location of your bathroom cabinets can be a crucial factor. If you have a small bathroom, the optimal location may be above your sink or toilet. For larger bathrooms, you have more options, but the general rule is that the cabinets should be at a comfortable height accessible for all individuals using the bathroom. 

Medicine Cabinets for Any Bathroom

A medicine cabinet can be a beneficial addition to any bathroom. It offers essential storage but can also add to your design and double as a bathroom mirror. You can find many ways to personalize your medicine cabinet. For example, if you have a double vanity, you could install two medicine cabinets for each sink, so each person has their own mirror and storage space. 

Recessed Bathroom Cabinets for Optimized Storage

Although it can be a more complex design, a recessed bathroom cabinet can provide the most efficient storage space. These cabinets are installed in the wall rather than mounted onto it. They provide storage space while simultaneously optimizing the amount of wall space in the bathroom. It also helps you enjoy more open space in your bathroom, as you don’t have a bulky cabinet attached to your wall. 

Cabinets with Built-In Shelves

If you want some excellent traditional storage options, consider installing a bathroom cabinet with a built-in shelf. In this design, the bathroom cabinet is designed in the traditional style. Then, a shelf is attached to the bottom of the cabinet to provide you with open and accessible storage for items you need at any moment’s notice. 

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