Different Types of Doorknobs and Where to Use Them

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Learn more about the different functions of doorknobs and which are best for the doors in your home.

Doorknobs are a critical piece of making your home safe and comfortable to live in. If you’re replacing one or all of the doors in your home, you should pay attention to what kind of doorknob is appropriate for the type of room your door leads to. So, what are the different types of doorknobs and where do they work best? 


Perfect for doors that only need to be pulled open, like on wardrobes, vanities, cabinets, or French-style interior doors. These door knobs don’t rotate or have a locking feature, so they shouldn’t be used on any exterior doors or for any space you need to lock. 


These are ideal for interior spaces that don’t need privacy, like closets, pantries, or hallways. Passage door knobs come in pairs for each side of the door and turn freely. 


Privacy doorknobs are also for indoor spaces but can be used to close off any room that may need privacy or temporary restricted access. They are great for rooms like offices, bathrooms, bedrooms, and studies. They also come in pairs for both sides of a door. One side has a turn or push lock, and the other with a pinhole key in case of emergencies. 


A storeroom doorknob would be perfect if you have a storage room or a space that may need restricted access, but easy exit. These doorknobs come in pairs, and one side is locked at all times unless opened with a key. The interior knob never locks so that the door can be opened easily from the inside. 

Keyed Entry 

The go-to doorknob for your exterior facing doors! Keyed entry doorknobs come in pairs, both of which can be locked. The outer facing knob has a keyhole that can lock and unlock the door from the outside. The interior knob typically has a turn button so you can lock the door from the inside. Most are also made with an extra deadlatch for a little added security. 

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