Remodeling for More Closet Space

Adding more closet space is a foolproof way to up the value of your home while making it much more functional. Beyond the utility of bigger closets with more shelving, the dreamy sensation of opening a closet where everything is in its proper place is unparalleled. Taking on smaller home remodel projects like this can be very gratifying as long as you’ve got a clear plan. This post will offer helpful tips on how to get this done with the least amount of stress.

large walk-in closet with dark wood shelving

Adding more closet space is a foolproof way to up the value of your home while making it much more functional.

Standard Sizing

Wherever you make space for a reach-in closet, it should end up being at least 6 feet wide and 24 inches deep. You’ll also want to install double doors for maximum visibility and comfort. Walk-in closets start at 7×10 feet, which makes building one a much more complex project. Still, if you have the room and the time then building a walk-in is a fantastic addition to any home.

Prep Work

Gather up all that you plan to store in the new closet. If it’s meant to be a linen closet, then stack up all your towels and sheets. If it’s going to be for clothes and shoes, then take some time to go through all of those. Decide what to keep, to get rid of, what should be hung up, and what should be folded. You’ll want to take this time to visualize the new closet space and plan to configure it in the most functional way possible for you and your family. You don’t want to put so much work into building this new amenity, only to find out that it doesn’t serve you like it should.

Closet Space Solutions

There are a few different ways to go when you’re ready to put in your rods, shelves, bins, and cubbies. If you’ve got a tight budget, then try to find a readymade storage system from a reputable brand. Their systems are usually adjustable and customizable so your closet will be able to change with you over time. Those looking for more high-end fixtures can look into specialty stores that offer similar systems with more focus on sophisticated design. A fully custom remodel will remain the same over time, and end up costing the most, but it will be built to fully integrate into the space. 

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