Correctly Measuring for a New Vanity

white bathroom vanity with overhead lighting and dark wood lower cabinets

Replacing your old bathroom vanity doesn’t have to be a big undertaking, especially with all the great pre-fabricated options available.

Replacing your old bathroom vanity doesn’t have to be a big undertaking, especially with all the great pre-fabricated options available. Still, you’ve got to take your time and get the right measurements. Otherwise, you risk installing a vanity that’s too big for the space, or too small for your needs. Continue reading this post to learn which measurements to take for a perfect fit. 


We’ll start with these measurements because there are a couple of widths to keep track of on the bathroom vanity. The base width is the widest part of the vanity that sits down on the floor. Measure this first, and mark this down somewhere you won’t lose it. The top width is measured across the widest part of the countertop. Measure and mark this down.

A single vanity will typically only get up to 48-inch top width. Double vanities can be as wide as 72 inches. 


Floor space is very important in the bathroom. You don’t want to buy a vanity that completely takes over the floor and ruins the flow of the space. To avoid this, take proper depth measurements. For the base depth, measure from the front to the back of the vanity, not including the countertop. For the top depth, measure from front to back on the countertop. We typically say that bathroom vanities should be about 20 inches deep, to ensure that the whole countertop is within a comfortable reaching distance for most people. 


Your height measurement is especially important if you’ll be purchasing a sink separately. Depending on the style of sink and faucet you’ll want the height of the vanity to accommodate them well. Professionals recommend that the top of a sink be no less than 29 inches and no more than 36 inches off of the floor.

If you’re choosing a vanity with a solid surface sink, or you’ll be going with a drop-in style sink then you don’t have to put much thought into this. Those that are looking into vessel sinks or tabletop sinks are really the ones who need to adhere to these guidelines.

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