Try These Kitchen Faucet Design Trends

walterworks hardware kitchen faucet design trends

Consider these kitchen faucet design trends, including the bridge faucet seen here.

If it’s time to update your kitchen, you have plenty of design choices to consider. However, you can make the process easier by taking it one decision at a time. For example, when finding the best kitchen faucets, there are a few questions you can ask yourself to narrow your search. How often do you use your kitchen? What kind of functionality does your faucet need? Do you have a strict budget? What will look best with your sink or other finishes in your kitchen? If you desire extra guidance, WalterWorks Hardware can help you learn more about the following kitchen faucet design trends. These increasingly popular faucets among homeowners come with unique advantages and features that may appeal to you. 

Touchless Faucets

A touchless faucet lets you turn on the water with a wave of your hand, preventing the transfer of mess or germs onto your faucet or back onto your hands. For example, if you are washing raw chicken, you don’t want to handle your kitchen faucet simultaneously. Touchless faucets are available in slight variations in how the faucet turns on the water. Some may require a gentle tap from the back of your hand instead of motion, for example. 

Bridge Faucets

Some kitchen faucet design trends look back to a vintage style. For example, a bridge faucet contains two separate handles for hot and cold water, with a connecting pipe running through the middle to form a bridge between the faucets and the central spout. This design adds a classic, traditional look that meshes well with conventional and farm-style kitchens. 

Although this faucet adds a lot aesthetically, you will want to consider that you will need to regulate the temperature by turning both the hot and cold knobs. Some people don’t mind this extra step, while others may prefer a faucet that can reach the desired temperature more quickly.

Pot-Filler Kitchen Faucets 

This design is increasing in popularity with American interior designers because of its undeniable functionality and unique look. You can fill a large soup or stock pot with water at your stove instead of lugging it from the sink when you install a specific pot filler faucet. If you want all the best gourmet features for your home kitchen, this one may be top of your list. 

Single Handle Designs

Some kitchen faucet design trends are popular for a reason. Single-handle designs are simple yet elegant. It is easy to turn on and off, and the temperature controls are also focused on the single handle. If you don’t want to invest in a touchless faucet, the style is easy to turn on with just the back of your hand or wrist when necessary. 

The ease of handling and temperature adjustments also makes this faucet ideal for people with hand and finger mobility issues or arthritis. This kitchen faucet design is one of the most common, available in many different designs and finishes. 

High-Arc Kitchen Faucets

A high-arc kitchen faucet is defined as having a height of over eight inches from its base to the top of the faucet. This design provides ample room for dishes underneath and makes filling large pots with water much easier with the extra clearance. Because this design is so visible, it can be a place to splurge a little on your favorite finish style.

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