A Complete Guide to the Many Types of Cabinet Hardware

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Learn more about the many types of cabinet hardware needed for functional and appealing installations.

When enhancing your cabinets’ aesthetic appeal and functionality, selecting the proper hardware is of utmost importance. The world of cabinet hardware offers various options, each with its unique style, material, and purpose. Whether you’re a homeowner embarking on a kitchen remodel or an interior design enthusiast seeking inspiration, the following guide from WalterWorks Hardware will introduce you to the diverse world of cabinet hardware and provide the knowledge to make informed choices. From knobs and pulls to hinges and latches, you can explore the possibilities that can elevate your cabinets to new heights of beauty and functionality.

Door & Drawer Pulls

The primary cabinet hardware consists of pulls, knobs, or levers attached to the fronts of your cabinets. A pull is the most common choice and is often installed vertically on cabinet doors so they can be swung open easily. Pulls are also often used on kitchen drawers. 

Drawer pulls are often attached horizontally to the center of the drawer, so they can be easily pulled open. You can find a range of pulls in modern, minimalist designs and more decorative variations. 

Keyhole Knob

A keyhole knob is a piece of cabinet hardware that consists of a knob and a faceplate that contains a keyhole in which you can lock or unlock the door’s mechanism with a key. This is a classic option and is often best for use on cabinets that contain fragile items you don’t want strangers or young children to access. 

Cabinet Hinges

These types of cabinet hardware are essential for cabinet functionality, and many people may not even know the various styles available. Most cabinets require two hinges, so you can select a pair that matches your cabinet’s color and style well. Most hinges are metal and come in various finishes to match your cabinet design. 

Cabinet Locks

Cabinet locks come in many varieties and sizes and can be installed inside the cabinet to prevent entry by the wrong people. These locks are more subtle and smaller than the keyhole knob but help keep specific cabinets locked and the items inside safe from theft or damage. 

Cabinet Latches 

A cabinet latch is a lock for cabinets that consists of two pieces. One piece attaches to the inside of the cabinet, while the other goes to the outside to keep it closed. Locks are available in many different styles. Some locks will require a key to open, while others are unlocked with a switch or by turning the handle. 

Lid Stays and Lid Supports

Lid stays, and lid supports are types of cabinet hardware that lock your cabinet doors in the open position. Lid stays and supports are attached to the cabinet on the right or left side. The lid keeps the door open when needed and closed when you do not. Lid support hardware is great when used for cabinets that contain glass. 

Cabinet Catches

A cabinet catch is a simple piece of hardware used to keep doors in the desired position. When you open your door or drawer, the spring tension holds in place. If you want to keep the door open, press down on the cabinet catch until it clicks into place. 

LED Under Cabinet Lighting

The space underneath cabinets is a great place to install lights because you can have direct lighting for your countertops below. You might also install cabinet lighting within your cabinet to highlight the items within. LED lights are bright, long-lasting, and do not produce heat, so they are the most energy-efficient and safe option for cabinet lighting. 

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